What's it like working in a VA hospital? What's it like working in a VA hospital? | allnurses

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What's it like working in a VA hospital?

  1. 0 Hi all!

    I am a recent nursing grad, and have passed the boards July 13th. I am still looking for a job, and I recently went to a job fair here in MA. I noticed they had vacancies here at the VA Medical Center in Boston. I am definitely going to apply. I was just wondering what working at the VA is like. I'm sure its definitely hard work, but it must be an honor to work with past vets. Any info? It is greatly appreciated. TIA.
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    hi Lena
    how did you do at the job fair? I was looking for you. I did pretty well, i have an interview on tuesday at holy family in metheun to work in the ER. Im so excited I hope I get it.
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    Quote from pamc217
    hi Lena
    how did you do at the job fair? I was looking for you. I did pretty well, i have an interview on tuesday at holy family in metheun to work in the ER. Im so excited I hope I get it.

    Hey Pam!!!

    I was alittle disappointed that there weren't that many hospitals there...but I did get an application for the VA, and definitely going to apply. Looks like they need some nurses, so I'm definitely applying, just have to wait for my references. I'm sure you will get the job and good luck with the interview!

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    The VA is a wonderful place to work at and the moment you get an opportunity at the VA, go for it. The pay and benefits are excellent and they encourage you to learn and advance your career. I work in W. Roxbury.
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    this is an old thread but I agree if you can get into the VA system go for it. raises 2 times a year and great benefits like 5 wks of vaca a year. the health insurance is good as well. I just got dx with thyroid ca, which is treatable but expensive. A lot of place I worked would have wanted to get rid of me because of this and it increasing ins premiums. I used to work at a home health agency and my co-worker got thyroid ca, she was there 3 months shy of 5 years (vested at 5 yrs there) and they fired her hoping she couldnt afford the cobra insurance. luckily she could. coincidentally I just got the same dx, and the VA is not known for things like this, besides, I am already vested anyway. but with that dx I just thank god that I took the job with the VA
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    " aug 20, 2006, 03:02 pm "

    why are we answering threads from two and a half years ago????? most everyone knows that there is a hiring freeze going on @ the va as well...... and unless you do something really catastrophic (i.e. negligence or kill a patient by giving a medication with ridiculous dose or via the wrong route etc.) management most anywhere will honor your employment agreement between you and the facility you work for unless you've given then reason to not. even with union tenure they can make things difficult for you so that you want to and do leave (even at the va and other federal facilities it is not cake). i happen to work at a decent place right now, it is not the va..... i have very good health insurance, there is a small ov copay and a small copay to go to the ed, and the rx plan is better than i have ever had, especially for my son who has crohn's and my daughter who has l ventricle cardiomyopathy from being tx'd for leukemia some years ago. people get catastrophic illnesses all the time, have catastrophic things happen and life happens period while we are busy making other plans. this doesn't mean companies that we work for get p.o'd just because we or our loved ones get a diagnosis.

    patty i hope you recover quickly from yet another challenge in your life and get to move on from this as well.
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