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This would obviously have to be a total opinion piece, but I know there are many nurses on this forum that have already been through the process, and have read stories of other nurses. What do you think my chances are of getting... Read More

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    what are you talking about lady? I too have been in a military family. The post that you claim I was boasting, was literally there for someone to tell me if I stood a fighting chance. BTW a know it all? Nothing I stated at all had to do with my nursing knowledge. I asked what the chances of getting ROK for my first duty station and be able to bring my family along, to which you replied that family members couldnt go, I pointed out that, that was wrong. you said they had no hospitals only MTF's I told you that was wrong and it was, and you came at me with a wall of text giving me your definition of hospital. I stated only fact, you were talking from the hip, but had no clue what you were speaking of. I make this post with my very meager credentials, in a very humble way, and in no way bragging, asking what my chances were inthe board, and you acted like a child and posted your credentials your scores, and even summed your post up with the word AWESOME. For a senior, you sure do respond and react like a child. Please discontinue derailing my threads. YOu have no clue what a non commissioned service member or commissioned service member will recognize with me because you do not know me. you hijacked two threads on a forum, claiming to know me better than I do. I was a military spouse myself, and I have also met many many many officers NCO's, junior enlisted and the like, and I know what the are made of, the same stuff my husband and I are made of, and the same stuff you apparently were unable to find in yourself when you were young enough to be useful. good night whoever you are. Remember treat others as you wish to be treated.

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    kcmylorn: I agree with shighsmith, your resume-flaunting post contributed absolutely ZERO to this thread.

    shighsmith: You sound very intelligent; I gather this from not only your impressive resume, but also how articulate your posts are. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I believe that YOU already know you are competitive enough for any military nurse corps. I only say this because I feel someone as smart as yourself (no sarcasm) would know enough to search the history of this board and gather information about previous applicants/competitive requirements enough to know that someone of your standing would do well with any board. If I was wrong, which I might be, and you truly want opinions about your competitive standing, you should know that I feel you would do very well provided that you team up with a recruiter who isn't sloppy (some are!). Although I too am waiting to hear back, for FY2013 *crosses fingers*, my recruiter (who I trust) and many others have told me that I am in strong standing to get selected for FY2013--your resume outshines mine x10.

    Good Luck!
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    240zRN thanks for your reply, I know I stand a chance against some graduating nurses, But, I am just worried about the sheer numbers. From what I have heard so far they are selecting 42 out of 400+. That part scares me. I hope you get it good luck. I have read 100's of posts so far(just about everything I could find), most successful ones I have read had the CC experience or werein a board that slected 100+. I think I just want it so bad, that I can only see the things that will go wrong. Though I love the military, and admire the logistical man power behind them, I know things go wrong alot, SNAFU. Again, thanks 240zRN and I really hope to see you in Ft. Sam. good luck.
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    From what I hear, there will be many applicants yes, but the amount that will make it to the board is small, that is why the KEY to increasing your chances are better if you submit early. Submit it in early september at the earliest in order to increase your chances. There might be 400 applicants, but only 100 make it to board. They make it to board by FIRST COME FIRST serve from all the information I have been getting from recruiters. In a pool of 400, yes chances are slim, but in a pool of 100--that's a fighting chance. Your resume is very strong, there is no reason you won't get picked up granted you have everything squared away as early as possible. SO GO TO MEPS ARE START DUCK WALKING! lol
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    Just a moderator's request: for those of you who are not seeing eye-to-eye, I would suggest placing each other on "ignore." If you need information on this feature, please let me know. Please stop with the back-and-forth sniping at each other. Thanks.

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