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This would obviously have to be a total opinion piece, but I know there are many nurses on this forum that have already been through the process, and have read stories of other nurses. What do you... Read More

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    From what I hear, there will be many applicants yes, but the amount that will make it to the board is small, that is why the KEY to increasing your chances are better if you submit early. Submit it in early september at the earliest in order to increase your chances. There might be 400 applicants, but only 100 make it to board. They make it to board by FIRST COME FIRST serve from all the information I have been getting from recruiters. In a pool of 400, yes chances are slim, but in a pool of 100--that's a fighting chance. Your resume is very strong, there is no reason you won't get picked up granted you have everything squared away as early as possible. SO GO TO MEPS ARE START DUCK WALKING! lol
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    Just a moderator's request: for those of you who are not seeing eye-to-eye, I would suggest placing each other on "ignore." If you need information on this feature, please let me know. Please stop with the back-and-forth sniping at each other. Thanks.

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