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  1. 0 Hi All,
    I saw a posting on the VA website about a tele-health tech. Does anyone know what this job entails? I am an RN and former corpsman and the listing states they are looking for healthcare workers and former corpsman. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

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    You sure the tech doesn't just hook up wires and such?
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    Ya know I didn't even think about that...I guess tech should have given it away!:spin:
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    Current VA LVN here. Health techs at the VA are the same as Patient care techs/CNAs at other hospitals. The position you're applying for is is a health tech on a telemetry floor. Having been floated to our tele floor, all of the LVNs said they have to be EKG certified. Make sure you have EKG certification because HTs and LVNs rotate watching the monitors. Good luck! VA is a great place to work (hoping I can get hired on as a RN). You have a good shot since you're a vet. Good luck.
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    At the VA I worked at Tele-Health was the home based monitoring of Veterans. Each weekday the Vet would take his/her BP, weigh etc. and answer some questions. Later in the day a RN would review each Vets response for the day and call them if needed.

    Our's Tele-Health was still small when I left there 2 years ago and they were just hiring a tech. The tech was to go to the homes of the vet and set up the system for them and go out and trouble shot later if needed.

    One issue with the VA is that they have differnet names for the same program depending on where it is at. The also will use the same name for different programs also.

    One question, if you are a RN why are you applying for a tech position? Since you are over qualified for this position as a RN they might not call you for a interview knowing that you would move on to a better paying position shortly after you are hired.
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    At my VA the tele-health tech basically sat and watched all the tele monitors for the floors-usually for a 12 hour shift. They also were the ones responsible for sending tele units to the floors when an MD ordered one for a pt and they usually called the MD when an order for tele expired so it could be renewed or they could pull the tele unit back to be cleaned and sent to another pt.
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    Jeck I was just curious on what the position entailed...I really want to get into the VA system but there are no openings in my area for an RN
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    Quote from Animal3
    Jeck I was just curious on what the position entailed...I really want to get into the VA system but there are no openings in my area for an RN
    Understand why but as I posted earlier it will be hard to get a non RN position.