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From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse... Read More

  1. by   Marshall1
    It's 5 years...and the FERS retirement is mandatory participation but the TSP is optional.
  2. by   elprup
    Info on my reference letter problem...HR wanted my ref letters to have all nine deminsions of nursing examples in them. I thought I could write my own examples, which is what the directions said. I found out I could write them, but my info had to be contained with in the reference letters with their signatures. Kind of a weird situation, rewriting my reference letters and adding my nursing deminsion examples and asking my refs to resign. But that is what I was told to do. Still no word yet for me. I am hoping I have not lost this job.
  3. by   Marshall1
    I have never heard of the 9 dimensions of nursing so I can't help you there but this sounds like someone doesn't really know what they are talking about and you are having to redo a lot of things you should not be having to. I would contact the person you interviewed with directly and ask him/her if you are still in the running. when I was going through the process I had to do this several times as HR, at least the one attached to where I work, is VERY slow and no one seems to ever answer their phones. I wait a few days then go up the chain. I am still having to work out issues of travel reimbursement - money still not received - and going through hoops to get money stopped from being taken out of my check for benefits I didn't sign up for. In fact, I am going to be contacting everyone again today when I get to work. Keep us posted
  4. by   elprup
    Thanks Marshall, VA had their meeting tuesday, so I tought either I would get a call/email today, but I didn't. I agree, i will be calling everybody tomorrow. I just hope this is not their way of telling me "congats on gettin this far, but sorry we are not hiring you". Because last week they were hounding me to get stuff redone and into them ASAP so my orientation could start next Monday.I very much appreciated your guidance regarding reimbursements. I'm going to be spending 5 days 4 nights in San Fran. That ought to be a good chunk of change. But I am sooo ready.
  5. by   Marshall1
    Keep every receipt you can while you are on orientation and keep copies and you are going to have to keep on them about getting reimbursed. I am STILL waiting for my reimbursement for mileage and meals (I drove 103 miles/day for 5 days for orientation.) They told myself and one other person HR would give us a gov't vehicle to drive, that didn't pan out, HR then told us they would set us up in a hotel and pay meals and mileage - that didn't pan out either. My boss was literally calling HR day 1 of orientation to find out what was wrong. Never did. But I was told, again by HR, to go through a site called FedTraveler to get reimbursed for mileage and meals. I did. And not THAT isn't the correct way so HR is supposedly working on it. I wouldn't care except it's 100's of dollars and another facility was closer to me for orientation and I had already driven the 2 hrs and spent a whole day on my time/gas to get the physical etc. Also, when in orientation listen CAREFULLY to all the benefits. If there is something you do not want make SURE to take care of getting the forms and turning them in while you are there that week or you will, like the rest of us, get some surprises in your 1st check. All monies are direct deposited and while I've gotten a few pay checks now I have yet to see a check stub. Some peoples shows up, others say every so often they get one - which makes me wonder where they are going but I have quickly learned you have to stay on people here to get things done even at a snails pace. Once you get the kinks worked out you will be able to relax and enjoy the new job but the beginning is far more stressful than I think it needs to be and more so than in the private sector so just hang in there.
  6. by   elprup
    Thank you so much Marshall. I called the Nursing Director and no phone call back yet. In the meantime I am applying to the county for a public health position. It pays less, but would still work for me. Ill let you know....and if I do get into the VA, I will save everything. I am pretty OCD like that anyway, but so good to know! Take care
  7. by   elprup
    Arrg, still no phone call. So I emailed Director and HR a bit ago. We shall see.
  8. by   Marshall1
    I hope by now you have heard something...this is why so many people give up on getting hired by the took one person I work with 6 years to even get an interview - and he is prior military w/medical experience! Keep us posted!
  9. by   bjorklover
    Ok guys help me please. On may 7th I received a notification email statingThis:We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above. *Your name has been referred to the employing agency for consideration.Now, aprox. How long Willie take to receive a call for a interview?
  10. by   msrn1204
    Hello to all, I wanted to let everyone know of my journey through the VA hiring process. I applied for a RN position in the ER on 3/16/12. I had an interview on 4/3/12. I received a tentative offer on 4/12/12. My physical was scheduled for 5/8/12 and my Vetpro was to be completed by 4/27 and e-qip complete by 4/30. I then received a phoone call asking if I can come in earlier for my physical, so my physical/math test was completed on 4/25. I had completed my VetPro 4/14. All of my references had sent in there letters by the time I went for physical on 4/26. I received the E-qip info and my boarding package info that day. I completed E-qip the very next day on 4/27. I had everything turned in for my boarding package by 5/4/12 and my file went to the board today 5/8/12, so now I am anxiously awaiting. I have no idea on the hourly wage they are going to offer me, I am an ADN with 7 years of ER nursing. In the job announcement was the offer to pay back student loans under the EDRP program, can anyone shed some light on this, whats the qualifications and requirements for this? The Director who hired me had mentioned a sign on bonus but that was not listed in the job announcement so I do not know about this. I know the VA have some very good benefits but I heard they are low paying as far as hourly wage go. My experience with HR has been very pleasant and fast paced, so if my file went to the board today. I expect to hear something from HR by Monday, I will keep everyone posted.
  11. by   Marshall1
    There is no way to person I work w/now did not hear for 3 months after she applied, I was called about a week after I applied, interviewed about 10 days after that but it was 3 wks before I knew I was going to be offered the position & a little over 3 months before I started. You can wait about 2 wks and if you hear nothing contact HR & ask them where your application stands. One thing you are going to have to have is a LOT of patience in getting hired w/the VA & for some of us, even afterwards. Read the posting about the VA hiring process, VETPRO and EQUIP - you will get a good idea of how involved & labor intensive getting hired w/them is. It is NOT like the public sector.
  12. by   elprup
    HR emailed me today - she has been out and will check on my boarding application and get back to me...... I am debating whethe to start an online class or not. Guess i will wait a few more days, but I so need to do something constructive!
  13. by   Marshall1
    elprup ~ I highly recommend taking the online class or moving forward with whatever else you need/want to do while keeping this on the periphery. You will find that the VA "I'll get back to you" is much different than an HR at a hospital etc. You may hear something today - next week - next month or have to contact them again. I am NOT trying to be negative to any posters here who are trying to get on w/the VA - I just want to share what myself & others went through - & continue to go through - after being hired. It's like pulling teeth to get answers & 50 different people end up involved. You are still a ways out from getting started so w/an online class its still doable. The job itself & where I work I like a lot but its been a rough few months trying to get the kinks worked out, still trying to get travel mileage & meals for the orientation reimbursed(which they said they would do & are now trying to back out of that). It takes a lot more to get something taken care of then any other job I've ever worked. A call or two & the problem was solved..not here, people, especially in the HR dept, take off a LOT, it's rare, in any dept, someone answers the phone or email -it usually takes multiple times or going up the chain. My advice is to wait until Friday then email AND call HR back. May not hurt to contact the person you interviewed with & let them know you are trying to get w/someone in HR for an update but have been unsuccessful. In the meantime, don't put other opportunities on hold. You can always readjust later.