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Hello Allnurses, From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter... Read More

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    Oh yea! I got two phone calls stating I was moving on. I was thrilled. Funny thing, the lady who said she would call me didn't. I have my physical March 5 in San Fran. Then I go to fingerprinting. One email sent me a list of things I need to do/bring like vaccine info, 3 written reference letters, TB test within last 6 months, etc. She said ref letters are going to board of RN's to set my salary. The salary stated 38-50/hr, so I am hoping that is true.I will be getting another call about doing VetPro. No idea what that is. But hear you all talking about it. I will also be in a clinic, not a hospital. Any advice once you get in there, let me know. I am all for being as prepared as I can. Thanks everybody, I will keep my fingers crossed that we all get our start at the VA! This is huge for me (OLD new grad needing to find my place)!

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    Congrats to everyone!!!!! The long wait is finally over for most of us. But, everyone else is a few steps behind, hang in there it's worth it This website has been such a huge help and inspiration That will be the pay braket for your particular position, i believe the minimal is for an ADN with no experience. Make sure you have EVERYTHING they want when they ask for it, your process will be moved right along if you do. The board meets on Tuesday, if you have all of your information to them they should submit your file to the board the coming Tuesday. It too 3 days for them to get back to me after that, but it depends on your VA. Make sure u get names and numbers for everyone that you r dealing with. HR, vetpro, eqip if u must complete it. That way if u have questions u can contact that person directly, and trust me u will have questions and HR is very difficult to get in touch with in the VA. Have any questions ready to ask and they should be able to give you exact timelines and what the next steps are so u can have some idea of what type of start date you will have. After that the waiting begins, and on to being a Federal Employee
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    Ok friends, I have a question. As you all know I passed interview and am now just finishing up some HR stuff and VetPro, did E-Qip, and the million other requests, and my physical is this next Monday in San Francisco. My question: so I got into interview without writing specific KSA's on my resume. Of course I addressed all items they were looking for in my cover letter and resume, but not in detail with explanations. Should I add all the detail (KSA's) to my resume before submitting to HR this coming Monday? I think I am getting overloaded by all these things and cannot think straight anymore. Thank you. So hoping I do all this correctly.
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    Yes, make sure you add the details to your resume before going on Monday. I would not leave anything to chance with them. They might not even look at your coverletter, plus they like everything in chronological order w/ all gaps explained.
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    Thanks 79Tango. I realized I would just add it all to be sure. Wow, I had no idea that I would be doing this much work for this job - having to account for all my moves, New Grad positions that "didn't work out", and trying to track down references is not helping.
    Guess I do not fancy redundancy...and all the crazy ways they want the information. Guess I better get used to it, if I get this job!
    Thank you for the confirmation.
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    Anyone starting in Biloxi Mississippi on March 12th? I recently went through this process and it took about 6 months total (application, interview, fingerprinting, Vetpro, E-qip, physical, and salary review board). I am excited.
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    Congrats latrice11!! I just passed drug and physical...moving along. Good luck, you will do great. Sorry I am in CA.
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    Congratulations Latrice 11. I started my process in Nov still waiting for a start date..It can be a little frustrating at times...
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    I got hired by the VA last December (3 months ago). It took about 3-4 months from the submission of the application to the first day of start at the VA. It mostly depends on how fast the secuity clearnce can be done. I have heard that for some people it could take up to 9 months but mostly 2-4 months. The VA doesn't seem to hire RNs very often. My VA medical center uses many contract agency nurse as needed. In my unit, about 30% of the nurses are all contract nurses. And when there is an opening, they tend to hire one of the best contract nurses over new applicants. I have an ICU back ground, but I was not considered to get hired at the ICU because the ICU manager hired one of the their contract agency nurses.

    If you have further questions, please feel free.
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