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From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse... Read More

  1. by   wife&mommyRN
    I was told the board meets on Tuesday & I should hear something the 2nd week in february. It takes a while for all the signatures. From there I would be given a variety of start dates to choose from because they know current employment needs to be notified. So you should have plenty of notice for your job.
  2. by   Marshall1
    Update on me: Was told today that my VETPRO/credentialing was complete and "ok" so my file was given back to the original HR person that was working with me and was "in line for service job" and I should be receiving a call soon. I am thinking this means a formal job offer???
  3. by   elprup
    Wife&mommy, yes the job was advertised for a week online. I interviewed a week after I faxed in my 17 pg application. The day after my interview they were calling my references. Today I got an email stating she "got my fax of my BLS. Hope you dont have to wait much longer to bring you on board". I am hoping this is an awesome sign, but who knows with this economy. My position is for a per diem clinic RN. No benefits, but great pay and will get my foot in the door! Ill let you know how it pans out.
  4. by   elprup
    Marshall1 - good luck! Thats the same thing I was told last week.And thanks for all the info.
  5. by   Marshall1
    update: I spoke to someone in HR earlier this week..was told my file had gone to the board and would be returned to HR sometime in the next wk. and I should hear something w/in 2 wks. As far as HR can tell I will be offered the position, its a matter of waiting for people to sign off on it and a formal offer and salary to be determined and offered. I will update again once I hear something..hope you all are moving fwd as well!
  6. by   wife&mommyRN
    Great!!!! Thats the same thing I was told my file went to the board Tuesday and is going through the signing process, we should hear something next week I don't know about you, but the anticipation is killing me. I've been glued to my phone ever since this process started, and I'm usually the queen of missed calls. We are sooooooo close. I'm thinking I should start hopefully the end of february, end of March. What a journey this has been, but the longer I wait the more it seems to be worth it
  7. by   cns121
    Congratulations!!!! To both of you. I actually spoke to someone from HR yesterday and she today me to e-mail her that way she can keep me informed of whats going on. You guys must be so excited to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. by   elprup
    Congrats! Keep me informed. Crossing my fingers and toes for you all and me.
  9. by   cns121
    Today one of my references said an investigator came to her house. She was not home so they left a letter, just want to know if anyone else has had this experience.
  10. by   wife&mommyRN
    An investigator!!! That sounds pretty extreme. Is this part of the vetpro credentialing? (Interesting)
  11. by   cns121
    I am assuming it is for vet pro. Part of the hiring process. I step closer to a start day.
  12. by   jeckrn
    It would be for the security clearance.
  13. by   cns121
    Ok thanks fir clearing that up. Do they send someone to all my references. It seems that they go out during business hours when people are working.