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Hello Allnurses, From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in... Read More

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    i just wanted to update everyone, i had my interview. they asked general questions, nothing anyone hasn't seen before. 3 managers interviewed me, 1 did most of the talking and interaction. they go over some of the benefits with you, flexible scheduling, 5 weeks vacation, sick time, ot. everything is online, thats what i love about the va nothing is a secret. it was like pulling teeth to get the benefits package from hr before i accepted my current position. i know the economy is bad, but i still needed to be selective in changing positions. be prepared, they called my present supervisor before the interview and requested one of my current evaluations from her. i felt that it went well & that i would be a good fit on the unit. they said i should hear something next week. any other questions, feel free to pm me. i will keep everyone posted, thank god the
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    I interviewed for rural clinic VA position too! Interview was a few weeks ago. My references were called the next day. I am trying to be patient as well!Thanks for the info and good luck!
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    rlprup - from what I understand the calling of the references is by the hiring manager to determine if they still want to move forward. This, in and of itself, doesn't really help in the sense the VetPro is the credentialaling and mailed reference checks - which I'm hearing can take a long time..I also have NO idea of the pay. The person in HR told me this is determined after the Vetpro items clear and a salary given when/if a job offer is made...I have already completed everything else - including the info. for VetPro Just hoping it does not take months. Keep us all posted on your progress - will keep my fingers crossed for you!
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    Correction: I meant thank God FOR

    Just had to clarify
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    Thank you for all the info. I will try to be patient.
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    I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Update: Was able to confirm w/the person who does the VETPRO that my official transcripts made it to her 2 days ago (the 18th). I ordered them and they were mailed the 6th. Seems like a long time for them to have gotten to her (my school is in the same state as I'm looking to work) but that is all I was able to confirm. I have no idea where I stand in the hiring process or what's next. I have gone ahead and accepted a 4 week home health position through an agency because I have to get working. Hopefully something will develop before the next 4 wks are up!
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    Another update: Received copies of all my lab work as promised by the PA that did my physical which I completed the 10th. The letter was dated the 17th. Nothing else so far.
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    "From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter and my application status for two posting says "referred to selecting official." The VA closest to my home, I can't get through to the recruiter, she emailed me back once and the status of all the apps just says "application received." I do know a nurse practitioner that works at this VA site and she tried to give my resume to the recruiter, but I had to apply online.

    For those of you that are familiar with the hiring process, any idea what the next step is. In all there are around 20 RN vacancies. The two systems have two completely different online application submissions, how will I know if I've completed the application process correctly, its a little confusing I've been applying since I've graduated and earlier this year I found out that I was applying the wrong way so those positions don't count. These positions closed in September."

    This varies according to the candidate and what the facility. Total time from submitting my application, getting interview, receiving offer of position, physical, vetpro, etc.? About 45-50 days. I had never applied for a VA position so I forgot to send/fax in my application w/ signed ink so this may have slowed things up. Plus I found out if the nurse recruiter is interested in YOU as a candidate, they will allow for documents to be sent in AFTER the close date. No, I do not have a mom/dad/sister/bro who works at VA or know anyone, I just connected really well with the Recruiter and my manager. Good Luck!
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    You are very correct punkhardcore, there is an expedited VetPro and for "select candidates" they will give whats called "temporary privledges" which means you can start ASAP and work for 120 days while your VetPro is being complete. That is very rare but the stars to align themselves.
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    I was pleasantly suprised myself after accepting position last Tuesday they wanted me to start orientation next week. She pretty much stated exactly what 79Tango said, that I could work while Vetpro, etc. was being completed. Pretty cool, if you ask me.
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    Yep, you got the "ol' conditional approval" they are either really desperate or you are really special, either way dont let them get lazy with your VetPro.

    Seriously 120 days flies by and if they missed a signature or didnt get an orginal on something-you will turn into a pumpkin. Ive seen people yanked off the floor only to find out the conditional approval was a 1 time deal and now had to start VetPro all over.
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    I'm glad to hear that's an option. I feel bad because my current employer knows that I will be leaving, but they have no clue when because I cannot give them an exact date yet. So you can be boarded and work while you are waiting on vetpro to be completed?