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Hello Allnurses, From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter... Read More

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    LPN819, you should certainly list every job you have held, no matter how short. VA contractors are a bit different in this regard. If the agency is cool with it, and the VA really needs to fill the slot, you should not have any problems. I held seven jobs over the last ten years, some for as little as a month. I think that VETPRO investigates you more through your SSAN to verify employment rather than actually contacting an employer that you worked for ten years ago for a month. Don't sweat, but don't lie either...

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    Thanks CaliBoy and Marshall1!!
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    Hello all! This is my first time posting here. I have started the hiring process with the VA for my dream job!I will do my physical and fingerprints tomorrow. I guess from what I have read here that I will likely recieve the link to my vetpro. I do have a concern though. Upon moving back to my home state I took a clinic job for about a month. Left on good terms and gave a notice. I did not list them on my resume though. I also "worked" one day at a shopping center bc I believed we needed the extra money. I could not bring myself to go back the second day bc I knew in my heart it wasnt right. I've been really struggling trying to find my "home" again in nursing since leaving my derm position after 4 years. Basically I'm worried that bc I did not add those places to my resume they may not hire me once I add it to my vetpro!Sorry so long!
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    VETPRO could care less where you worked as long as you list EVERYWHERE that you've worked. Tell the truth even if you are embarrassed of the job. As I stated earlier, I believe that VETPRO tracks your former employment through your SSN. Just be honest. It worked for me.
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    Thank you!
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    I've been told by instructors that your resume is a marketing tool and to only put down the pertinent jobs to the position you are applying for. That is usually essential if one is to keep their resume to one page anyway. (Except for those "spring chickens" who don't have 20+ work experience. My instructors told me that on the application one should list all of the jobs they have had for the requested time frame. Just passing on info I have learned along the way. I am not an expert in this area myself.

    Good Luck
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    My ongoing VA job hiring process... i wrote a letter to my prev employer stating they were incorrect in their statements to VA and that I was very frustrated about the whole situation. Thankfully they did the right thing and wrote a letter to VA (and sent me a copy) stating I indeed worked there as an RN. It was faxed to VA last week. I called VA Friday and left message confirming the letter and asking about my status. No word yet. So hoping I get the call next week that I start working.
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    Quote from newnewnurse
    Hi bjorklover, I'm glad you posted this... I just received an email just exactly like that and am wondering the same things as you.. Did you get an answer to your questions?
    Yes! Today I received the call but missed it, I will call tomorrow. Can't believe it took so long. And I see online they extended the app date. They must need people
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    Hi all- hope someone can help. I applied for a VA position in a different states. I really hope I can get this job. Anyway I got a call 1 week later and the lady set me up with a phone interview for the next week. The interviewers sounded positive. Now I looked on the USAjobs site and it says my application is incomplete but also completed???? What does that mean? It did say if you didn't submit everything they asked it would drop you out of the process but they did give me an interview. Anyway there is a form VA 2850a that I need to fill out. Here is my dilemma - it asks for references and my clinical directors name etc.. I only want to give this info if they are offering me a job. I don't want to create a nightmare at work just yet. Any advice. Should I fill out the form now or wait until the ask or give an offer. Also how long to you think this could take? I have to sell my house, look for a place to stay- its exciting and scary. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Ok so I'm not actually done with my nursing I'm in my 2 yr of it and I've been a cna for awhile and wanted to try some place that I can see myself doing my nursing career at so I applied at the VA a week after submitting I was called for a interview a day after my interview I was called given a pay rate and she asked me would I accept.. But in the same breath sent me a email stating not to notify my employer because I still needed to complete my physical and finger print.. I'm a bit confused because she had already gave me a rate and honestly I work at another hospital and they want 6 wk notices.. I really want to work at the VA but I'm trying to find out if this takes very long like I have been reading

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