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    I am currently in nursing school and the military has always been something that I have wanted to pursue. And now that I am on my way to be a registered nurse, I think it would be great to be able to be a nurse in the military. The Air Force in particular really interests me because I would really love the opportunity to serve on a CCATT or TCCET team. It seems like something I would really love to do and would be such a great opportunity! With that being said is there any prior military nurses that have any information or experience with this? I would love to know more and about the experiences and processes. I know you have to be either a ER or ICU nurse and that is what I am going to try to find a job in once i graduate so I can get some experience under my belt in those fields.
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  3. by   gptgirl
    I'll be happy to answer any questions about CCATT
  4. by   drwaldi3
    Awesome! What is the likelihood of being able to become a CCATT nurse. I have heard you have to go in as an ICU nurse with some experience. Also what is the day to day life like and what are the odds of deployment I would love to get the opportunity that.
  5. by   gptgirl
    You have to be an ICU RN or and ER RN with at least 1 year time on station to be considered for CCATT. CCATT is not your primary job. You will be an ER or ICU nurse as your full time job. You can talk to your Nurse Manager to let them know your interest in CCATT. Once selected, you will go to a school for CCATT and once you validate, you will be placed on an on call rotation for CCATT missions. For deployment, it can either be for CCATT or ICU.
  6. by   drwaldi3
    Thanks so much!!
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    You are welcome. Anytime.