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It's always been my dream to join the military but have been too chicken to do it. Would love to carry on with my nursing career and join now however, I'm stuck trying to decide which one will be... Read More

  1. by   midinphx
    Dear mlbluvr,

    I'm AF. If you really think that my priority is hair and makeup, you need to get off your jealous butt and join the AF. I've worked hard for what I've done. I've cared of AF, Army, Marine, Navy, contractors, Afghan army, coalition army, enemies, afghan children, Iraqi children, people who looked at me like they wanted to kill me if given the chance. I find your comment offensive. I've been deployed 2 times in 3 years, worked a full month with not a single day off in a war zone. Ate dirt for daily IDF's, our hospital took a direct hit from a rocket and I've evacuated hospitals 2 times with our patients under direct threat. Everyone who serves in the military deserves some measure of respect, regardless of which branch one serves. My deployment living conditions are admittedly better than army ones, but we have a different mission. Read up on the different missions and educate yourself before you speak down to those of us living this dream (sometimes nightmare).
  2. by   Katniss0813
    Quote from mlbluvr
    Air Force, if you like to keep your hair fresh, and your nails done all pretty, and wear make up and in general have the easiest boot camp on the planet- the other's don't go for that. AF is considered a 'sissy' boot camp. But after boot camp, in any military branch- as a nurse/officer, you'll have similar jobs, opportunities, benefits, and risks- up to and including death. "Freedom Isn't Free".
    A lot of people on here that are in the Air Force would find your comment offensive. If I choose to become a military nurse, the Air Force would be my first choice because my grandfather was in the AF. Actually, when your in a war zone helping to save lives no one has time to do hair or make-up. All the branches of military are important and do their part to protect and defend this country.
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Hell, I'm in the Army and I found it offensive. I know we like to do some good-hearted ribbing between the services, but that was just over the top. Such comments are not worth my time and energy, because I know better than to pay any mind to that kind of ignorance. Let's drive on, folks.
  4. by   Dranger
    AF nurses do the EXACT same thing to include flight nursing as well. Don't let anyone tell you different.

    HOWEVER, in my experience the AF seems to be more like a business rather than the military. Military bearing, customs/courtesies and espirt de corps are sometimes lacking on the AF side. Seen waaaay more AF personnel out of regs than the Army and there is a perceivable laid back atmosphere.

    Don't stone me that is just my experience.
  5. by   midinphx
    I won't stone you on that comment Dranger. lol. I may be AF now, but I was army enlisted. It drives me nuts seeing my fellow airmen poopoo regulations. Seeing a scrunchie in hair is just wrong in uniform, and a ponytail swinging barely above the bottom of your collar just drives me nuts. AF is definately the least military (especially the medical field!) of all the branches. I think that is because they think that they are nurses first, then military - while army knows we are military first, then nurses.

    Also want to say that I've hit my 3 year mark and got my 3rd deployment tasking. I was back under 6 weeks when I got the notice. I'm so glad I didn't take the time to fully unpack my deployment bags! lol