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I'm entering the Air National Guard as a flight nurse. I have no military past and am 45. Are people like me treated fairly? I'm on my third career in nursing so I'm used to learning new things and comfortable being a newcomer. I... Read More

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    hi im 49 years old do anyone know how i can joint the Army im an lpn and interested in becomming an army nurse BSN RN
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    Sorry the AF has oldest age limit at 47 (without waiver). I'm guessing you would have to show some exceptional ability to get a waiver but I don't know. If you have prior service that might help but again not sure.
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    I thought the age limit was 42 without a waiver.
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    Not in the AF, I'm soon to be 46 and don't need a waiver.
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    Quote from Yammar
    I thought the age limit was 42 without a waiver.
    Well, speaking for the Army, you can apply for an age waiver. But it all depends upon "the needs of the Army" and from what I have learned from this forum, you should apply now for FY 2012. Also helps if you have certification as 8A or 5M.
    The Reserves: you will still need to apply for an age waiver and again depending upon the needs of the state and TPU.
    Good Luck
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    I read a msg from aRNmy stating the army reserve offered a 2 year commitment for 46-60 y/o RNs. I am trying to find out if this is legit. I would be grateful for all the help you can give. Thanks and have a great day.

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    Lamar, I believe that was a pilot program. The link I have for it is now dead, so that makes me think it's finished.