OBLC Vegetarian?

  1. Hey-- I have seen this questions asked before, but never clearly answered. I am going to AMEDD BOLC later this month and I am wondering if the army will accommodate my vegetarian lifestyle (esp out in the field, looks like most MRE's have meat in them) Please reply if you have any information. THANKS!!!
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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    They have vegetarian MRE's....they also tend to be the best tasting ones.
  4. by   New1LT
    There are Vegetarian MREs. I was a PLT LDR during BOLC and made sure that when MREs were being passed out that I got the vegetarians hooked up. With that being said, some of the best MREs are the vegetarian ones, so they were sought out for by a lot of people. For your hot meals in the field you won't have a lot of protein to choose from, so make sure you supplement yourself by bringing some protein. There were a lot of vegetarians in my class and they ate fine. It may not be what you're use to, but it's not what the rest of us are use to eating either!! Good luck at BOLC!!!
  5. by   Yammar
    The veggie MREs!! Some where not bad, but that wheat snack bread was so very very dry! I had the veggie burger a couple of times and it works the best with just one slice of the bread!..

    Let people know that you don't eat meat and they will happily set aside the non-meat MREs for you.

    For me the problem came at the DFAC where meat was always served and often they would season the veggies with bacon or use chicken broth. I had to ask with almost every meal if there was meat in the veggies. But there was always salad and fruit!!!
  6. by   PrettyinPink1234
    thanks for the replies everyone!!
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    The DFAC supposedly has veggie options according to signage.
  8. by   0402
    Accommodating vegetarians has come a long way in the military. I remember when the vegetarian MREs came out (and I totally agree that they are some of the better tasting ones). I used to also trade my "cheese" packets for peanut butter. I have a friend who made it through deployment, on ship, as a vegan- that took some fairly serious coordination, but regular vegetarian shouldn't be too hard, at all. =)
  9. by   just_cause
    Army doesn't have and shouldn't have to accommodate your diet. That being said the veggie meals are calorie dense and tasty. I have a friend that made it through several deployments and Ranger school as a vegetarian.... sitting at an outpost and watching him eat our daily hot ration - breakfast he ate scrambled eggs topped with peanut butter.. so he was willing to accommodate to get his necessary protein / calories. As a nurse or in a OBC type environment I would say you shouldn't have a problem.