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  1. 0 My husband and I are currently living in Texas. We will probably be here for at least another two years before he goes to triple C and then we will get our next duty station assignment. Ever since he went to Germany he has loved it and would like to get stationed there. I know Anything is possible in the military and we could stay stateside or get an assignment overseas. He is MP so he could go anywhere, really.

    I am not in the military. I have my BSN degree and I am currently working on a progressive care unit. What are the job prospects for a civilian RN overseas? I realize I would be limited to whatever is available on post since I know to work at an international hospital you need to be proficient in their language and bag a license recognized by that country. Is it easy to find a job? I'm just tying to consider my options for the future. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to work for a couple of years if we got assigned overseas. How would I explain that to future potential employers once I am stateside? I worked too hard for this license to just not be able to work.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Oh and I guess if I couldn't find employment I could maybe volunteer to keep my skills fresh. How are volunteer opportunities?

    This is all hypothetically speaking.
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    I'm in the same boat and was directed to Doctors Without Borders when I asked for help, but it isn't that fruitful thus far. Have you tried The Army Hospital in Germany is hiring.
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    So you can work in an Army hospital without being in the army?
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    Quote from Kendel.G
    So you can work in an Army hospital without being in the army?
    Yes you can work as a civilian nurse in a military hospital.
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    I am a civilian RN currently in Germany at an Army post. I was hired from Stateside...PM me with specific questions, late in Germany right now, bed time for me!
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