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Ok, so one of those damn recruiters got me. (We all have seen them, patrolling malls looking for their next victim.) It was a navy recruiter who showed me how much money you can get for nursing in... Read More

  1. by   zombie
    I hope I dont serve with you.
  2. by   SL2014
    Quote from zombie
    I hope I dont serve with you.
    Well we all have to do things sometimes that we don't want to do . Unfortunately I have to identify myself as the same species as you... kinda embarassing.
  3. by   carolinapooh
    Whoa, folks - we're slipping close into conduct's already been said that personal opinions need to be kept under one's hat, so to speak, when one is an officer.

    Let's be adult and mature and OFFICERS (whether in reality or in spirit) and do so, please.
  4. by   SL2014
    Quote from carolinapooh
    Whoa, folks - we're slipping close into conduct's already been said that personal opinions need to be kept under one's hat, so to speak, when one is an officer.

    Let's be adult and mature and OFFICERS (whether in reality or in spirit) and do so, please.
    You're right. Thanks for the check.
  5. by   jerrylundergard
    I agree with the opinion that I dont really care if someone joins the army for the money as long as they dont ***** and moan. Infact, ill bet many gung ho military folks that didnt join for the money wind up ******** about various things about it.

    If someone is gonna serve with me and does their best, I could care less if they joined for financial reasons or otherwise. Only people I definetely dont want to serve with are those traitor types like hasan...

    As much as I dig the Army and am glad to be American, I wouldnt do it for free and the money is sorta the icing on the cake. Kind of a part of the attractive package that makes one want to go Army.

    As for the protecting america thing, I dont buy into it as much. Mainly for the simple fact I dont personally think its neccessary for the extreme overseas military presence to protect ourselves in home. Good airport screening and border patrol FTW!!!!!!

    I think the Army offers an attractive benefits package, is exciting, and an excellent employer. If the Army and the US wants to expand and have overseas missions that I personally dont think are protecting America in the grand scheme of things, it doesnt matter. It simply means business is good and I have a job to do. I dont have to agree with everything they do, just willing to do my best to support their mission regardless of whether or not I think we should be over in other parts of the world. Afterall, they are paying me and I take orders and dont ***** and cry. That doesnt mean I cant have a mind of my own and allowed to have my own opinions. The armys mission coincides directly with my mission to make my life better, and for that, they get 100% commitment!

    Lastly, I like to think I could take care of a soldier just as well as a bum off the street. From a humanity standpoint, I would do my best with either. Though, obviously the soldier has balls even if she happens to be female, and that alone deserves respect!
  6. by   armyfnp72
    You said:
    I am very disappointed in our country and I would not want to die for president Obama or any of the other corrupt politicians but that is a lot of money...

    Let's be straight here. As a member of the military, you are not in the position to have an opinion about the president or politicians. The military is not a political machine, it goes about its business regardless of who is in office.

    Another point. They give you the money. Then you shut up and do your job. The military is not an organization made up to serve your needs. So if you go around spouting your opinions, wants, and needs while you are in the military - you will be slowly roasted during your service.

    "The military needs pencils, pens, and pieces of paper to do its job - you are just another pencil. " Prior service ER Navy Doc.

    Good luck... remember "SERVE" is the key word here.
  7. by   carolinapooh
    Well, I wouldn't say you can't have an opinion - you just shouldn't air it to the extent that Joe Citizen can.

    Politics stinks and has for the length of its existence - as far back as the Romans and the Greeks many elected leaders sought to represent their own interests with little regard for those of the people who gave them the job in the first place. Congress itself and the Pentagon are equally screwed up - IMHO there are too many civilians in the Department of Defense, but I have to trust that they're listening to the Joint Chiefs (whom I trust more than the Secretaries) and are making correct decisions for the United States.

    Politics will always have a bit of a stench to it.

    Even the military itself is a political game - colonels, generals, admirals, commanders - they all have to play a bit of a dance to get done what needs to be done. It's terrible, but it's everywhere, really.

    A lot of the time I don't agree with Washington. When I was a civilian there were plenty of times I thought the CEO/board of directors/university chancellor/Governor/whoever was an idiot - but I could either shut up and color and do my job, or go out and get another one. Usually I did what everyone else did - griped about it in the break room and then got up the next day and came back to work.

    The military, in essence, is no different.

    While I know Congress actually cuts my check, I think about who's actually footing the bill - the American taxpayer - to whom I am truly grateful. I'm paid at the whim of Congress, but by the work of everyday Americans. I live pretty well because of them, and I appreciate that.

    Sounds like a lot of flagwaving and posturing, and maybe it is - but that's what I think.
  8. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from sarrah
    You're right. Thanks for the check.
    Just wanted to add that your question and your opinions have stirred up some very strong emotions in people - and I think you're really taking them in stride. (We're all entitled to snap now and again!)

    That actually speaks very loudly for you as a potential officer.
  9. by   SL2014
    Just got back on here after a 2 almost 3 year hiatus... All I can say is wow, I have grown so much. I don't know if it was nursing school or the nursing experience or just time but wow... Now I am throroughly tryin to enter the military because I am so grateful for the opportunities I have recieved as an American. I will be applying through AMEDD after I get my NP and will hopefully be accepted to serve my country as a reservist. Thank all of you for your time, patience and courtesy. Sarrah
  10. by   athena55
    Welcome back!
    Congrats on finishing up your nursing program
    NP, cool - are you looking at family or adult?
    May your path through AMEDD be as smooth as it should be, smile.
    Keep us posted on your progress!