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Ok, so one of those damn recruiters got me. (We all have seen them, patrolling malls looking for their next victim.) It was a navy recruiter who showed me how much money you can get for nursing in the navy. The numbers were... Read More

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    Quote from sarrah
    You're right. Thanks for the check.
    Just wanted to add that your question and your opinions have stirred up some very strong emotions in people - and I think you're really taking them in stride. (We're all entitled to snap now and again!)

    That actually speaks very loudly for you as a potential officer.
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    Just got back on here after a 2 almost 3 year hiatus... All I can say is wow, I have grown so much. I don't know if it was nursing school or the nursing experience or just time but wow... Now I am throroughly tryin to enter the military because I am so grateful for the opportunities I have recieved as an American. I will be applying through AMEDD after I get my NP and will hopefully be accepted to serve my country as a reservist. Thank all of you for your time, patience and courtesy. Sarrah
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    Welcome back!
    Congrats on finishing up your nursing program
    NP, cool - are you looking at family or adult?
    May your path through AMEDD be as smooth as it should be, smile.
    Keep us posted on your progress!