New Army Nurse Corps officers: first things first! - page 5

I am speaking fondly to my direct commission brethren (and sistren?) who don't know their ORB from their iPERMS. Some of this will seem obvious to prior service folks, or people who have been in for a while ... as one of the... Read More

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    Quote from midinphx
    But I have figured out that most people act rude like that because they don't know either.
    Hahaha! I have noticed the same thing. :-D I feel absolutely no shame in admitting when I don't know something. Probably comes from working in a field in which pretending to know something could cost lives.
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    Aaaaaaaaand finally looking at pinning on that CPT rank in the next couple of months! Sigh. It would be nice to get as much of it as possible while deployed and tax-free!
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Aaaaaaaaand finally looking at pinning on that CPT rank in the next couple of months! Sigh. It would be nice to get as much of it as possible while deployed and tax-free!
    Congrats CPT!
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    Congrats!! Well done and thank you
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    This might be a bit late congratulations,
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    Quote from arlenegregerson
    This might be a bit late congratulations,
    Nope, not late! I am not hitting my 48 months until February, so I will pin on captain then. Thanks!
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    Belated congrats Pixie.RN on promoting to Captain. I recently graduated with my BSN, hoping to DC into the Reserves as a graduate student in Acute Care NP program. I have been a nurse since 1997 and Flight Nurse since 2002 (CFRN, EMTP, about to take CCRN.) I will be going to speak with my Healthcare Recruiter soon (I spoke to her a few months ago about applying for USAGPAN, but I won't have all the prerequisites [chem] to apply.) If there is loan repayment available for me to apply for, I'm definitely interested. If you, or anyone else has any advice for me I'm all ears, especially regarding questions I should ask my recruiter. Thanks, I enjoy reading your articles and posts very much.
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    Flightrnp, did you have any success in meeting with a recruiter and getting info?

    Has everyone else had to suffer through this recent iPERMS review? I almost fell out of my chair laughing when they asked if I had my high school diploma. Lol. I graduated 24 years ago, so I don't know where that thing is! Geez. I guess 3 associates and a BSN aren't good enough?! They just made a note that my high school diploma was "permanently lost." Haha.
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    And there are a whole new crop of CPTs!! Congrats to all the folks who were recently selected - though for some it's bittersweet because they aren't staying in, it's true: even being selected means something, especially these days. Just my opinion.

    For all the LTs out there, start working on your stuff!!
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    I got one of those automated iPERMS emails recently that my "tattoo memo" is now in my iPERMS. Haha! I gotta remember to check that out. Does anyone know if that would be visible to a board? Not that I will be active duty long enough to be considered for promotion to Major, but I am just curious. It's not like my tattoos are visible in my ASUs, or in my DA photo.

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