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Just looking for other FY2013 DA hopefuls! My paperwork was submitted to be considered at the first board... Anyone else in the same boat? Also, I am a new grad but am working at a large university hospital. Does anyone know what... Read More

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    I'm here in the DMV. I don't graduate with my BSN (I'm currently in an RN-BSN program) until April of 2013 and my recruiter told me that he can't submit my kit until November. He said I have to be 6 months away from graduation soooo quite a few people will have had their kits reviewed before me. I am still going to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best!! I am also anxious to know what the "numbers" are going to be for this year. How is your process going MBRN74?

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    I also am located in the DMV area.I work in periop but I believe I'm just applying for general nursing because I just graduated. I don't know an exact date for the first board but my recruiter told me as long as my kit was sent in by august it would be ok for the first board! Fingers are crossed for all of you! Best of luck!
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    Hi MBRN74,

    Thank you so much for your input. I have 5 years experience as an EMT, worked in the ER for a year, and as a CNA on a rehab/ortho floor. Thanks for providing some insight on AF vs. Navy, that definitely helps in deciding on which direction to head. Hope you have a great week and thanks again.

    Kind Regards,
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    There were some issues with credentialling as they had to do a QC check on my package, so my package was not submitted untill 9/12. It appears as though I made it through and the board has not yet met to look at applications. From my understanding based on information I have gathered to first board will meet the first week of october (and that is when I predict they will close the application window, as it typically happens on the first week the board meets). I have had bad feelings about my chances because even though I have taken every precaution to remain as competitive with my application and my timing I have had difficulties throughout the entire process and (call me superstitious) just feel as though things are against me. Too much bad luck with processing my kit and pulling teeth to get the required signatures and references. I hope I get in though; in fact I hope we all do. We all work very hard and unfortunately are trying to get in at an unforgiving time; it is a competitive and volatile employment market in all regards.

    I wish us all the best of luck, we only have a little over a month to find out!
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    Quote from staugnurse
    I went to MEPS end of June, it took until last week for it to get approved. They had problems electronically filing for final approval. I'm hoping my kit get turned in for boards within the next week or 2. My recruiter has told me in the past the soonest we can submit the better. Have you heard from reading the treads here the chances of getting accepted if it's submitted to board in early September? I'm thinking of switching to ICU just to be on safe side.
    If you can get credentialed as an ICU nurse, I would do that because you wont be restricted to an annual board because ICU RN Navy boards meet year round and are way less competitive (pretty much, if you can get credentialed as an ICU nurse, arent overweight, and have all your limbs--you're in! lol). I was told the board was meeting on the first or second week of october and they are taking applications until they meet. Typically what happens is that they will keep the window open until they meet; but anything can happen. I'm just glad I have mine submitted by now--it was such a pain in butt to get everything squared away. Good Luck!
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    My kit was submitted yesterday to boards. Do you have an idea of how they do the selection? Is it more first come picked? My recruiter was kinda vague on it.
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    Quote from MBRN74
    Hey staugnurse,

    I'm 38 and this is second time applying due to it filling up so quick last year and packet didn't make it in in time. What extra stuff did you have done since you are 40. Have you recently started nursing or have been doing for a long time? What specialty are you applying to? How has your experience been with recruitment? Did you apply to any other branch? Apologies up front for all the questions? Trying to figure all this out as well. Thanks in advance.
    Sorry for the delay response, I missed the post. I had to get a Mammography, Pap smear, EKG, cholesterol level and I think that's all. I've been a RN since 2004 BSN for 1 year. I work in cardiovascular unit, navy considers it med/surg. My recruiter has been slow at times it took 2 months. She is at times hard to contact but I think most are just like her.
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    I was told the first and second week of october they meet and make decisions and you can hear back within a week to 2-3 after that.
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    Talked to my recruiter yesterday she told me board is one week from today October 26. So she is hoping to know who is selected 1-2 weeks after that...
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    Quote from Navywifeim
    Talked to my recruiter yesterday she told me board is one week from today October 26. So she is hoping to know who is selected 1-2 weeks after that...
    Did you find out if your kit was selected for the 1st board?

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