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    I've been sitting here at home with my husband before I go off to work my baylor shift tonight. We were looking at my new favorite show Army Wives and it got me to thinking.......what if I joined the Army? I know that I have been going around and around about getting out of LTC and trying to branch out into another field of nursing and possibly landing a supervisory position. But, sallie mae is calling, my job doesn't provide health insurance or benefits of any kind, I don't make much money on the hour, and we are struggling financially due to my husband being out of work for a very long time now. As many may know from my previous posts, I desperately want to go to school, and my student loans were denied from my local cc. I've decided on ec but, it will be very difficult to test once a month. So, as you can imagine, the military suddenly looks very attractive. I have been a LPN for 7 years, all of which I have spent in LTC. All of our children are grown, some have started having their own children (we are in late 30's and early 40's). Basically, we are free to live a new and different life. My husband used to be in the navy (way before our time together), so he know's military life and what comes with it. I sent off for more information on the Army site. So, what kind of job will I hold and how soon will I be able to go to school to get my BSN? We just need more than what we have and I have a desire to do more in my profession and see the world...mainly Spain; he talks about going to Benadorm and how beautiful it was back when he was in the Navy in the late 80's. What do you think? All advice will be greatly appreciated and taken into serious consideration.

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  3. by   nurse2033
    Make sure you are joining for the right reasons. First of all, joining as an LPN will not do anything for your nursing career. You need a BSN (do you have one in anything?) to be an officer, and all nurses are officers. If you join without an RN, and a BSN, you will be assigned a different job, maybe in healthcare, maybe not. Next if you want to use your GI bill to get education it will take you a long time to complete. Whatever your job will be, the Army will have no interest in giving you time to work on your next job. First off, you spend most of your first year in schools learning your job. Then you will be really busy doing your job with little free time. If you are moved this will make it that much harder to find time to take classes. Then you can't access your GI right away (sorry I don't know how long). I hate to be a downer but I don't think it is a good option if your goal is to advance your nursing career. You would be much better to work your butt off, pay for school, and join once you get your degree. Maybe hubby could join and help support you. You should talk to a recruiter for all the fine details. Good luck.
  4. by   ncox1
    I joined 8 years ago with in the intent of going to school at night to do my pre-requisites for nursing school and then have the Army send me. Finally 8 years later it is happening due to working so much and never having time to take more than one class at a time. If you have your LPN and want to be a nurse then get your BSN first. If you join as a LPN you can become a 68WM6 which is an enlisted nurse. Even with all your prior experience you would be an E3 (private first class) unless you have a bachelors coming in. Just something to consider.
  5. by   amonty
    Have you looked into the Army Reserve? You can join as either a 68W M6(LPN) or as a medic (68W). You'd have to go through Basic and then Medic school. After that, you would drill with you unit 1 weekend a month and 2-3 weeks every summer. Reservists get the GI bill (A smaller one than active duty, but still pretty good) and student loan repayment. I've been in for around 12 years now, and it's worked out pretty good so far! Just remember, we are still at war, and deployments do happen.
  6. by   Dranger
    Relevant to the discussion, you are probably too old for the Army if you are that age unless you come in as a doc or very specialized nurse. Even for reserves your age is capped, so no Spain. Sorry, even if you did come in as an LPN I highly doubt you would make the enlisted to officer BSN program considering age and TIS. The Army isn't going to bring you in as a LPN so you can just go to school for your RN, you wouldn't even have time. There are always GS civilian jobs and programs to look out for though.
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  7. by   midinphx
    I think you need to go talk to a recruiter. All the answers here that are saying no, may be accurate. But there are many questions that we don't know the answers to. You would be enlisted as an LPN. Army does have LPNs. Age is a factor. It sounds like you are happy working as an LPN for now and are at a dead end. If you qualified, I think the military could be a good spot for you. The points raised in the other posts are all valid and should be considered.

    Talking to a recruiter is free and you are under no obligation for just talking. Go take that time and ensure that it is or is not an option for you.
  8. by   chudder
    Find a Nursing ROTC program near you....
  9. by   Dranger
    Quote from chudder
    Find a Nursing ROTC program near you....

    Yeah.....not going to happen considering you need to be commissioning before the age of 31 if you want a scholarship. Meaning she would have to be in her lates 20's right now for a shot. The Army has a glutton of prior service applicants and a hoard of new 22 year old 2LT nurses, they can be picky.