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More and more, I am thinking of joining the military as a nurse. But I had a question about joining while I'm still a fresh new grad or joining when I have more experience under my belt. I want to work in the ICU, and it's very... Read More

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    I agree with the comment above about being discussed thoroughly. Check out the post; military nursing questions answered. With that said, DON'T take what a recruiter says as gospel. Everything in the military changes. One week they won't take new grads into the ICU and the next week they will. The best way to guarantee that you can get into the ICU in the military is to have ICU experience first. It's much harder for them to turn down a qualified applicant if you have experience, and certifications. And don't listen to those people who say you can't or shouldn't do critical care first. If you know you want critical care then don't waste your time on a med/surg floor. You will be whatever kind of nurse you want to be based on your willingness to learn, care, etc. regardless of where you start.

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