Is the VetPro process required even if you have previously worked at the VA?

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone knows once you complete the hiring process for the VA, do you have to go through all of that again when applying for a position? I was lucky enough to work as a contracted employee for the VA through an agency about a year ago. I hear people talk about how long the hiring process is and that it can take months. Since I went through an agency and there was a real need for an employee at the time it did not take very long, only a couple of weeks and I was in. If I were to apply for a position in the future would I have to go through that process all over again or can I skip it? I guess I'm wondering since I've worked at a VA before if the process would be any shorter or it that would give me an upper hand over other applicants? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks.
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    I work as a contract nurse for the VA and I was told 'within 10 years' you didn't have to do it again (I was a VA employee > 10 years ago so had to do it all). This may be incorrect, but I am pretty sure if you did it a year ago the process will be MUCH shorter now.
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    but it will need to be upto date thou.
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    once you begin the vet pro process and submit your answers, can you go in and make changes?

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