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  1. I'm sure that there might be a similar thread in this forum, so I apologize in advance for the re-post. There seems to be a lack of employment opportunity for new grad RNs in the Vancouver, BC area and I have thought about combining my passion for traveling and nursing with the Canadian Forces. My initial plan was to gain at least two years experience working in the hospital and then do travel nursing in the States. However, in the province where I live, the jobs for new grad RNs are scarce and it is making my plan A impossible to achieve.

    Is there anyone out there that can provide me some information regarding their experience of joining CF, as a Nursing Officer, at the age of 30+ and with young children? Since I have more time on my hands, I did explore the CF website to gain information regarding the application and recruitment process, but I am looking for more personal insight from a female nursing officer. Basically, my husband is willing to support my decision if I do decide to go ahead with this career path, just as long as we have our family together.

    Some questions that I have in mind:

    - During the 15 weeks of basic training and military officer qualification period, will my family be able to travel with me in Quebec?
    - Was the experience a positive one for your children?
    - Do they provide housing close to the children's school?
    - Any work or volunteer opportunities for the spouse?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    There was a Canadian Air Force nurse that has posted regularly in the Canadian nursing forum in the world section of this site. You may find some answers there.
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    Find any way that you can to accomplish your goals. Talk to everyone, networking is something that I am just now learning-it's a shame that I didn't learn it sooner.