How does the Army count previous Guard/Reserve Time towards Rank and Pay Grade

  1. Just wanted to get some information about how the Army Nurse Corp counts previous Guard/Reserve Time towards Active Duty Time in Grade. I am a senior graduating from TJUniversity in Philadelphia. I am seeking entry into the Army Nurse Corp( of which I was told that I was selected for boarding as of Wednesday). I have 6 years Air National Guard time, that I was told would not amount to too much when converted to "active duty" time. Just wanted to know if there was anyone in allnurses land that could provide some insight. I have heard many different stories stating that the time in grade could range between( 6mos-2 yrs). How do I go about getting this information? Thanks
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  3. by   just_cause
    first you should post what your rank was... if you were enlisted all it should do is accrue your time in service. if you were an 02 or higher then they conduct a rank determination board.
    I think you are mixing up time in grade (which you might have none...) which time in service (which I believe you are trying to figure out from your NG 6years). Your NG time can be added up basically by the number of training days as a cumulative product - if i'm not mistaken.
  4. by   Cursed Irishman
    NG time in service conversion to AD is number of active duty days you have: ie if you were an M-Day soldier, you would have 42-47 days of time in service a year. If you were federally activated, everyday counts towards time in service. Its important that the activation be a federal one; states like to put people on state level orders (there's a term for it, I can't remember at this time), which don't count towards the federal total. It really doesn't add up to much, unless you hopped from federal mobilization to mobilization.
  5. by   spawnupe
    Thanks for the speedy responses. For informational purposes, i was in the Air National Guard for 6yrs(E-3). So I assume that my time probably wont add up too much. But hey, something is better than nothing, right. I'll take it. Thanks!