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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received from my recruiter is that I... Read More

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    I think it completely depends on how careful your recruiter is. I have friends who got inaccurate or no credit at all.
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    Exactly, that is why I am trying to be proactive!
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    To get the E pay you need to have the equivalent of 4 years AD as an enlisted member which is 1440 points.
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    All points count towards your E pay. With your 4 years of AD along with your ANG time you should have no issues getting E pay. It does make a nice difference in pay. Your years of pay will be the same as what it is in the ANG now. This knowledge is from personal experience.
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