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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received from my recruiter is that I... Read More

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    I know I already posted this on a different thread, but figured it couldn't hurt to post on more then one!

    Anyone on this thread that got accepted for COT on here going for NICU? I"m applying as a FQ NICU RN for the October boards and would love advice from anyone else who's been through the boards applying for this area. You can message me if you want. I just haven't found anyone else who's NICU yet!
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    I have some questions about AF nursing, hopefully I could get answered. I am 41 (42 in Jan 2015) and I am thinking about AF nursing and having them pay for NP school. I thought the age cut off was 48? Am I told old to start a military career? I have 14 years exp in ICU and looking to get my ACNP degree. What's the process in the military for getting an NP degree?
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    42 is the age cut off without waivers. With military cut backs, waivers will probably be rarely given so 48 would be a risk. With 14 years icu you would come in as a captain and icu is needed. After a few years at your first base, you could apply to get an AFIT position where you are basically paid while you go to school for advanced degree. Then you owe back service time after.

    You aren't too old to come in. I do suggest caution in how you post as it sounds like a "what can the AF do for me?" Type of post. If you've always wanted to serve and are willing to give up your freedom to ensure others have it, then you best get moving and see a recruiter. It'll take a good 10 months to get in if you are qualified. Time's a ticking for you. No pressure. Lol
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    wgreene 1952,
    How is everything going? If I might ask, how long were you a nurse prior to going into the AF? Also how was the transition from civilian to military way of life?
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    Thanks for the info. After rereading my post I see what you mean. I am not trying to get a free ride by any means. Just looking at all options. Thanks again.
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    Hello Aliseel,
    I am prior military enlisted aircraft maintenance as well! I am just beginning my first year in school, as I separated in Jan2014. I would love to find out a little more about how the process is working out for you, as well as your thoughts about going from Aircraft to people in nursing! The transition to many complex science courses is proving to be interesting so far for me, particularly after so many years out of the classroom. Any advice is welcome, Thanks!