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by SG219

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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received from my recruiter is that I... Read More

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    Thank you! Congrats to you on being selected as well! I would love to stay here because who wouldn't want to wear sandals in the winter
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    Akso selected for October! Going to Germany! I can't believe it!! Congratulations to all selected, soon to be officers.
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    Congratulations to the alternates that are now selects!!! I am still keeping my fingers crossed!! SO many emotions right now, happy for ya'll but envious and wish i was there with you..
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    I was just accepted to a few direct-entry NP programs (program awards BSN/MSN/NP). Am I far too late to consider applying for an Air Force scholarship if my program starts this Fall 2014? I just received the acceptance letter, so I could not have applied any sooner than a few days ago. I've already contacted a Navy and Air Force recruiter for info but wanted to post here in case I can get any useful info. I am very green on this whole process and just started researching when I got my acceptance letter.

    Congrats and good luck to those who were accepted! I hope to one day be in your shoes. And Germany sounds particularly awesome!!
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    How long did it take for the USFA to complete your background check? Also how soon after that did they schedule your swearing in and give you your offical orders?