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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received from my recruiter is that I... Read More

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    If i were to get an NTP slot, could I work towards working in critical care or would I be stuck with med/surg? (I don't think med/surg is bad by any means, just don't wanna do the same thing forever)

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    To the selects...who got orders and COT date already? Still waiting for mine.
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    You can work towards what you want to do if you let your superior officer know. I would like to go into a specialty field in the AF but at this time I am not qualified. When I had my CN interview, he told me that what I would need to do is let my superior officer know what my goals are. If they know what your goals are then they can put you into positions that can help you reach your goals.
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    ffemt - awesome! So it sounds like if I wanted to get into critical care for CRNA school (just something I'm considering in the far future) then I'll be able to do it at some point.
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    I went to see my recruiter on Tuesday and he said that he is still waiting on some assignments (i think OR), so you are not alone. Hang in there!!
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    Taking a med-surg ntp slot is a great way to start. After 2 years, you are eligible to apply for the critical care fellowship program. Also- med surg slots fill all areas from peds to ER to tele floors and everywhere else.
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    have a COT date and first base assignment. Waiting on my security clearance to post as "already approved" and then a date to swear in.
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    Has anyone got their security clearance back yet?
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    I already have a security clearance through the Air Guard so not sure how long it will take those of you without one to get one.
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    So I had my interview for an AF nurse officer slot on Tuesday Oct 22nd. Does anyone know when the next board meets for selection? I was told by my recruiter that they meet twice a year. Is it typical to have to apply twice? Was active for 2.5 years as an aerospace physiologist and then transitioned to the guard for the last 7 years. This would be a huge step for me and my family. Really hoping this works out.

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