First Duty Station?

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    Hi Y'all,

    My name is Aaron and I am in the NCP program graduating next month. After 4 long years I can finally see the light!!!

    Anyway, I spoke to my LTCR today and learned that the 3 big Naval Hospitals (Bethesda, Portsmouth, and San Diego) have met their new grad requirements. I requested these 3 on my Duty Preference Sheet. My LTCR recommended Camp Lejeune, NAS Pensacola, and Camp Pendleton. He did not mention NAS Jacksonville and I totally forgot to ask if that was still available.

    I am looking for the hospital that would give me (a new grad) the best experience

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    Hi AG_RN! I'm a NCP'er too! Just got my duty station of Camp Pendleton, mainly because I wanted to stay on the West coast, not really familiar with the East Coast way of life! When do you graduate? What specialty are you hoping to go into?
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    I graduate 6MAY2012. And I really want to get into an ED. I have previous ED work experience and I'm doing my practicum in the ED. I like the high turnover and not sitting with the same pt for 12hrs. You?
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    I graduate 5 May and am hoping for L&D, wanting to get my NP in Women's Health eventually. I did my practicum in the ED and LOVED it, I just have a few weeks of exams left and I'm finally free! Sent in my app for my RN license today!
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    I'm two months in. I didn't do NCP. I got my BSN, RN, worked a year, signed up, commissioned, and went to Officer Development School in February. I've been placed at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. They still have nurse grads coming in, not very many though-one a month or so. With the choices you listed... I would go 'green' meaning go marine but I don't have much experience with it obviously.

    I would see what the detailer has to say about the big three having 'met their requirements.' He's the only one that will really know that information. This is what the NKO website says.

    LCDR Joe Gomez, NC, USN
    New accessions, ENS, LTJG

    Com: (901) 874-4041
    DSN: 882-4041

    If you are currently in a recruiting billet, please contact LCDR Gomez prior to contacting your assigned detailer to negotiate orders.

    For recruiting duty orders, please contact your assigned detailer.
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    Hi Aaron!

    I'm in the NCP program too and am also graduating in May! I listed Bethesda and San Diego as my first and second choices but unfortunately LCDR Gomez told me those were all filled up. I got my third choice at Camp Lejeune. I'm really excited but so nervous! Where are you thinking about requesting since the Big Three are all booked up?

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    I am also in the NCP. I graduate april 28th. I will be stationed in Jacksonville. I hope it's not as bad as what I have read on some of the earlier posts. I asked for Jackonsonville after I found out san diego was full.
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    I will be going to NH Pensacola after graduating ODS. White sand and clear water!
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    Have any of you been told what the training is like for new grads at the smaller hospitals?
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    How is NAS Jax? My hubby will be stationed in Jax, and if I'm accepted to the corps, I'll be attempting co-location there...

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