Finally done...and the wait begins

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    [FONT=comic sans ms]Just wanted to update everyone on my last month of the application process. Well, I had my MEPS physical on Dec. 16. I was actually very surprised that it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I guess it was pretty laid back and quick because it was Friday and there was only a handful of us there. I was the only female Officer candidate there and out by about 10:30am. Things went smoothly and I didn't need any additional waivers or work-ups.

    I thought the CNO interview was never going to come. I really wanted to have everything done before the New Year. MY INTERVIEW WAS TODAY! It went pretty well (at least I think it did). It started off pretty rough but ended on a nice note. It was laid back, very informative, and helpful. The Lt Col was so nice and sweet. Not intimidating at all. It lasted for a good amount of time, but I received so much from her.

    Well, to cut this short...the board meets on Jan 3rd and the estimated decision release date is Feb 24th. So now the wait begins.
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    The waiting is the hardest part, but so worth it! Best of luck to you.
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    Thanks Lunah! I'm just going to try to put it out of my mind until next month.
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    Good Luck, I know how it feels to wait, I used to be in the Navy NCP, just graduated with my BSN, and now studying for NCLEX and hoping to go to Navy Officer School either early FEB or MAR...It will be so worth it trust me. Ill cross my fingers for you...
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    I too am waiting, but to hear about NCP. Good luck and hope that it works out for you!
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]Oaktown,

    So you turned your packet in as well for the AF January date? Aren't you so glad to have everything turned in and done with?! I know I am. I believe we will hear something at the end of next month. Good luck to you too. Keep in touch on your progress/how things are going for you.
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]VentcSN,

    Thank you so much. I'm really nervous and anxious even though I try not to show it, lol. I believe it will be so worth it too!Congratulations on you recent graduation. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too that you pass the NCLEX and get into Navy Officer School. Let me know how the test goes...
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    Actually it is the Navy Nurse Candidate Program and I believe my packet went to the board on Dec 9th. So hopefully I will hear something soon. It has been a long process!
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]Oh ok...well I am definitely hoping that you get in. Let us know once you get the word.
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    Found out today that I have been professionally recommended, so I am close, but not there yet! Apparently I am not the only one getting impatient, but they haven't yet released the final numbers so the wait continues.... I think on 2/15 it will be one year exactly that I started this whole process!

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