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Just wanted to update everyone on my last month of the application process. Well, I had my MEPS physical on Dec. 16. I was actually very surprised that it was not as bad as I thought it was going to... Read More

  1. by   oaktown2
    Thanks! I am applying for the Navy Nurse Candidate Program, so I could end up in a variety of places, but I am hoping for Med-Surg.
  2. by   kdazzle
    Quote from ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Just wanted to update everyone on my last month of the application process. Well, I had my MEPS physical on Dec. 16. I was actually very surprised that it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I guess it was pretty laid back and quick because it was Friday and there was only a handful of us there. I was the only female Officer candidate there and out by about 10:30am. Things went smoothly and I didn't need any additional waivers or work-ups.

    I thought the CNO interview was never going to come. I really wanted to have everything done before the New Year. MY INTERVIEW WAS TODAY! It went pretty well (at least I think it did). It started off pretty rough but ended on a nice note. It was laid back, very informative, and helpful. The Lt Col was so nice and sweet. Not intimidating at all. It lasted for a good amount of time, but I received so much from her.

    Well, to cut this short...the board meets on Jan 3rd and the estimated decision release date is Feb 24th. So now the wait begins.

    hi ATLRN0828 it's kdazzle,

    sorry I took a while to get back in touch with you, i am trying to figure this whole website out on how to reply and put posts and stuff. LOL. I have been so busy with my school work. I won't be done with my BSN till this july. I am so anxious to hear from my recruiter about the results. i applied for this med/surg position because that is the only kind of nurse i have ever been. if you get accepted, did you select the august COT date? if so, i did too. that would be cool for both of us to get accepted and actually somewhat know someone before heading down to maxwell airforce base. I have a 2 year old as well along with a 7 year old. I think that with you being a single mother in the airforce would be ok and work out as long as you have someone that can watch your little one when/if you get deployed-you know what i mean? everything will work out hope to hear from you soon.
  3. by   ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms] hey kdazzle--

    LOL...I just registered for this site last year and it took me a while to figure it out too . I try not to think too much about the release date because every time I do it makes me anxious as well. I applied for med/surg because my background is in Hem/onc so I didn't have experience for any of the other fields. I asked for the first available COT date. So I'm not exactly sure what actual date my recruiter selected. I have mixed feelings about August because my son's birthday is that month, but if that's when I get selected to go, then that's what I'll do. It really would be cool to "know" someone at COT. I do have someone to watch my little man for deployments. It's more of working the night shifts that worry me. You are right, everything will work out! So you have you're an ADN? How long have you been a nurse? Hope your classes are going well. Talk to you soon !
  4. by   kdazzle
    hey ATLRN0828,

    I have been a med/surg nurse for 3 1/2 years. med/surg is all i know so obviously thats why applied for this board selection. LOL. I have my ADN and will be done with my BSN this June. the COT date that i applied for is the August 28th date. that is 3 days after my oldest birthday and the day before my husbands (sorry hun). LOL. the reason i had to apply for this COT date is because my recruiter said something about either my letter of recommendations would expire or something would pass the deadline, so what ever. it doesnt matter when i go i just agreed to what date he signed me up for and trusted what he said.
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]kdazzle,

    my son's birthday is the 28th of Aug.! i guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal that i'm not there for his bday because i could throw a party early for him. when does the info expire? my recruiter never said anything about that.
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    my youngest girl is 2 as well. i bet your little man is sooo cute. I will have to ask my recruiter again for the details cause i couldn't remember everything he said to me about that . i remember him saying something is only good for 6 months and i think he was taking about the letter of recommendations cause he said something to me about me having no choice but to go to aug 28th COT date instead of the COT date in october cause something in my packet would expire and therefore wouldnt be able to go after august and i am thinking he said the letter of recommendations. i know for a fact he said that the interview was good for a year but if i dont get accepted for this med/surg board then the next one up which i think is in sep/oct (not exactly sure of date) then i would have to get my letters again cause they are only good for six months. when he calls me to give me my answer on acceptance or not, i will ask him. i also remember him saying that if i didnt get accepted for this board and then go with my back up plan for the L&D boards in june, then something in my packet will just meet the deadline of almost being expired so im thinking he was talking about the letter of recomendations. Im sure all of that just sounded really confusing. LOL. sorry. im glad my recruiter is keeping track of all of this cause sometimes it will just drive someone crazy trying to keep up with everything. LOL talk to you soon.
  7. by   RN4Life2
    ATLRN, Where did you have your CN interview..... Maxwell?
  8. by   ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Hi RN4Life2,

    No, I had my interview at Robins, AFB. Where did you have yours?
  9. by   RN4Life2
    Maxwell, and my CN was laid back also.
  10. by   kdazzle
    I am so glad that all of our interviews seemed to be so laid back. I was so nervous going in and everyone told me to just be yourself cause they are normal people just like you and me. I was thinking-they are not just normal people, they are the colonel for pete's sake. LOL.
  11. by   ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms]LOL...kdazzle. You are right about that!
  12. by   RN4Life2
    Tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Do you all know how you will be notified? Deep breaths everyone......
  13. by   ATLRN0828
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I assume they will notify us by phone. Depending on what time they get the results, we may not find out until next week.