Does The VA need LPN's

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    or are they mostly looking for RN's?
    trying to get a feel for the market.

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    The last time I looked at their job postings, almost every one of them was for RN, not LPN. But that would have been valid for that point in time. I suggest you search their current job postings.
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    I am an LVN and I work for the VA. But I am in an RN slot, they just couldn't find an RN with my skill set. There are LVN's working in Primary Care and the Outpatient Clinics. RN's are primarily on the floors, ICU, ED, etc. Go to and search for Series No. 0620, that is the LVN/LPN code.
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    I see a lot of VA postings in my area..but they all want at least 6 months experience.
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    Kim, it will take at least six months to get hired on, believe me. Apply now....
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    thank youi everyone for taking the time to answer!

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