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Let's see, where were we last ... oh yes, departing for Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). I drove from Virginia to Jackson, Tennessee on the first day. It was a fabulous drive -- lovely weather... Read More

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    Quote from LunahRN
    Pure rumor. No worries!
    excellent, thanks! hope everything is going good for you. I am actually really excited to get down there!

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    It may seem trite but that's not how I intend it.Thank your for your have my highest regards and thanks. I have a lot of respect for people in the service, even more so for those who are nurses! :-) I have two friends now who just finished service..both are nurses. I am in awe of them. My friend, who's husband is also a nurse, gave me an army nurse insignia pin (I've tried to get one for years, I love collecting nurse collectibles!) and I think of them all the time.
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    Thanks for this post I applied for the board last November and I got on the OML (DX) Better than being non-select I suppose, but still very frustrating as I had my heart set on it. But! I was selected for a Reserve position which I hope will be a foot in the door to Active Duty later on. I'm trying to view it as a positive too as it allows me three years to get a few things done on my own as a Reservist before committing myself 100% to Army. I am very excited about the opportunities ahead of me. I like your little snapshot into BOLC...I hope everyone is having a great time. I'm there in spirit
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    If you are going to ETS prior to commissioning in the ANC Stay Reserve. This will prevent a break in service and make it both easier to join/make the cut and to keep your records and pay straight. A break in service is a pain in the butt and can work against you. If you are concerned about not being released from your reserve contract, talk to the unit you will join before you join, they will be the ones to sign the release papers and sell yourself to them. And prior enlisted is a major plus, especially if you can bring letters of recommendation from your COs (current/past) and a double plus if you are a medic or can get letters of recommendation from current ANC officers. There are no guarentees, but these things work in your favor.
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    I love your posts Lunah. Thanks for sharing. I am way over the hill but I am living vicariously through you!
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    Wow, I gotta get in shape.

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