BOLC June 2014

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    Hello all! I have been browsing threads to see who's headed for BOLC 2014 possibly June. No orders yet. Still waiting for the "phone call", my recruiter says it may take "2 weeks to 2 mos". I was commissioned (took an oath) Jan, 14th . HOOAH! Also, are you going to Pre-BOLC? I am interested, I mentioned it to my recruiter and he just dismissed me. No prior military background/experience. I have been an RN for nearly 3 years. Currently working at a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital as a M/S Nurse. Still working on my APFT.

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    Have you heard anything yet? Hoping to attend bolc soon as well.
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    Quote from ArmyMomRN2014
    I was commissioned (took an oath) Jan, 14th
    Just FYI, unless you signed a DA 71, you haven't actually commissioned yet. I did the same thing with my recruiter back in 2010 when I was selected (oath), but we all did our official oath of commissioning at BOLC with the proper form. Your commission date will probably be the date you report to BOLC. Of course, if you actually signed a DA 71, you can ignore all that. Lol

    Keep pushing for pre-BOLC! I want to say it's required now for direct commissions anyway, but I could be wrong. It was a pilot program when I went to BOLC in 2011, and unfortunately I didn't hear about it in time. But my BOLC classmates who attended pre-BOLC found it to be very beneficial.

    Keep working on your fitness! I can tell you it's one thing you don't want to have to stress about at BOLC. I saw one girl chaptered out for PT failure (she was recycled from the previous BOLC class and still didn't pass one event at the end of ours) and I saw a couple of guys get held back at Ft. Sam at the end of our BOLC. Not to scare anyone, but this is a time of downsizing, and the APFT is a big factor.
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    Yes, I signed DA Form 71 last Jan.14th, with the check box "Reserve Commission Officer", I will be commissioned as an Active Officer when I get to BOLC, as per my recruiter.

    My recruiter said that if I want to do Pre-BOLC then I can discuss this with the branch manager, the "phone call" I have been waiting for.

    To Scrubnurse, I have not heard anything yet, I have been in contact with my recruiter regularly. We just sent a Letter of Intent yesterday, to expedite my order, see below.
    I your name accept my conditional appointment into the Active Army Nurse Corp in the grade of O-1. I understand that I will be administered the Active Army Oath of Office upon my arrival to Officer Basic Course, Fort Sam Houston, TX."

    Uniforms: Is it too early to get those? I have been bugging them to get me my uniforms, they really are advising me to get the dress uniform at Fort Sam, I have been insistent I get it before hand.

    PT is going good so far. I continue to improve, need more discipline though. If you don't run in 3-4 days your performance really goes down dramatically. At 38 y.o. >> > 2 mile-run in 21min (threadmil); 20 push-ups in 1min (after that I need to be on my knees); 38 curl-ups in 2mins.
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    Armymom, we are in the same boat!! I'm 39, married mom of four kids. What are we thinking?!? ;-)
    Are you on fb? Would love to chat more. Send me a private message. Would be neat if we end up at bolc together.
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    Hahaha! We are in for a great adventure! I have been wanting to serve since I was "younger" . I love the men and women in uniforms! I got busy starting and raising a family, then I decided I want "more" ... I have two daughters, turning 2 and 6 soon. Yes, I have FB. I would love to be with you at BOLC. Just type in Arlene Gregerson and send a request.
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    I commissioned at 38 myself ... there won't just be 20-somethings there, most likely!

    I went with my recruiter about 3 weeks after I found out I was selected and got all my uniforms, including the ASUs (dress uniform), and that was about 3 months before I went to BOLC. Ft. Sam did have a fair selection of ASUs, but their alterations took a while because of the sheer number of new folks getting alterations. I was glad that I didn't have to worry about it during BOLC, but the people that waited were able to get their ASUs in time for our ASU inspection.

    ArmyMomRN2014, your PT sounds like it is progressing well! Based on your numbers, you scored a 202. There is a neato app (if you don't have it already) that is the APFT Calculator by -- I have it on my android, not sure if it's available for iPhone/iPad. It's handy, though!
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    Hi Pixie.RN,

    First of all, you have been an inspiration to me. I read all your tips about BOLC, thank you so much for sharing and trying to help us succeed! My recruiter will take me next week to the nearest PX to get my uniforms squared away.

    550 Cord | APFT Calculator, Land Nav Training Software, Body Fat Calculator, Army Smart Card Creator is a good website. I did not see any iphone app though. Army PRT (Physical Readiness Training) information at has iphone app and it's good too.

    I only started running on a treadmill a month ago at least 1.5 miles 2-3x/week (Wisconsin sidewalks are all covered with snow . I'm doing 2-mile-run now in 20-21mins (no stopping). I just need to be more disciplined and run at least every other day or run every 3 days. I'll definitely will run more when I get my orders. I read in some blogs that in BOLC they have you run 5 miles. Plus, the Summer in Fort Sam will be unforgiving I supposed.

    Anyway, I will update this thread if I hear anything. This hurry up and wait process is making me more anxious , however, it helps me get better with my PT. Thanks again.
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    I'm glad you find my posts helpful! Definitely give yourself some days off of running so your body has time to recover. I was a terrible runner for a long time, but I finally had some kind of mental breakthrough during this deployment and I can now run for 60 minutes without stopping. I just did my "short run," which is 45 minutes. lol. I actually like running now, it's the weirdest thing. I run on a treadmill, too. Our compound here is roughly the size of a Walmart parking lot with no outdoor running area, and the ground is unforgiving gravel covered in snow and ice right now. So treadmill it is!

    I never had to run that far at BOLC, thank goodness. I can do 5 miles now (I do 5 miles every Monday), but back then at BOLC? No way. They always broke us up by "ability groups" when we were doing morning PT, and my "ability group" was 20 minutes and up for the two miles, so they didn't expect us to break land speed or distance records! Haha.

    Feel free to holler at me if you have any questions about anything. I'll PM you my email address.
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    I just commissioned myself as a 66H but I have no idea yet when I go to BOLC. I'm in the Guard so things are a little different for me (I was administered the oath of office and signed the DA-71 right after going through a harrowing board with a colonel, LTC, and major). I'm hoping to go this summer. Is BOLC only offered a few times a year? Do they issue any clothing at BOLC? I have ACUs because I was enlisted for a short time right before commissioning but my ASU needs to be changed out.

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