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    I was recently accepted to the Navy Nurse Candidate Program - I am prior service enlisted Air Force and spent time overseas. I want to know your favorite bases as well as which overseas bases are actually open to us (warranting you have time in service).

    Trying to road map where i'd like to go abroad and CONUS - I know it's Navy needs but I don't know what my choices are for the dream sheet!
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    I would first identify the location of the primary Naval Hospitals as this will be your most likely options... I've seen them here in the postings.. but not personally familiar with Navy Hospitals. I'd look at these and then put forward requests for recommendations based on those locations.
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    You will go to one to the "big 3" to start. I believe from other threads that they are San Diego, Bethesa, Portsmith. Bethesa & Walter Reed Army Medical Center are merging into 1 hospital next summer and will be located at Bethesa.
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    If I do get in the Navy Nurse Corp, San Diego will def. be on my list.