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Hi, I am a RN with 3 years experience in oncology, med/surg tele, pccu, cardiac step down. I currently have my ADN and will have my BSN in June 2012. I am looking into joining the air force as a CO. I am a ex army wife my husband... Read More

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    Thanks a lot to the both of you for clarifying this. RNdiver, that's awesome they are considering your prior experience, are you in the process of commissioning into Air Force? Iguess I will have to try and see what I get when the time comes.

    BabyRN, do you know the formula or some sort of example of how they count the credit, I only had 2 years of ADN experience as an ICU nurse and since May of 2010 I've had a BSN. Hopefully it will count for something, I work in float pool mainly for ICU/ED. Also from your experience with AF how are you liking it? Is it true deployments are 6 months? I have 2 boys and I heard lifestyle is a little more family-friendly vs. the Army. The one thing the Army will do is count the ADN experience, but I would go AF if it is better for my family even if the ADN experience isn't considered.

    Any comments or recommendations about military nursing would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again

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    Quote from rndiver82
    When it comes to years o experience accepted, I am wondering if it depends on the are you are applying for. On a few threads I have read, people are saying the AF only counts years after your BSN, but in my case that is not true. I have 7yrs trauma/ER experience and I am getting 3 yrs credit. Should I get selected I will go in as an O-2. This is in writing, and was explained to me as such by the CNO I interviewed with, so, again, I don't know if this is unit dependent or a new thing just implemented. I would ultimately ask the CNO because things can change and sometimes recruiters can be left out of the loop.
    If you saw this in writing it might be, but I worked with a girl who had 9 years prior ADN experience as an ER nurse, and she got no credit, so maybe it's a new thing. I would ask the recruiter or the chief nurse about ADN experience for further clarification.
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    Ray RN87

    The formula for when I joined the AF in 2009 was your experience as a BSN prepared RN divided by 2, so I had 4.5 years experience as an RN, so I came in as an 1st Lt-O2 (somebody correct if I'm wrong on this, but you become a 1st Lt after 24 months, and a Capt after 4 years). I made Capt-O3 after 2 years of being in, which was really nice.

    I like the Air Force, but I'll be honest and say that is not like what I thought it would be. I have never been deployed, but from what I have heard the deployments are currently running at 6 months, which my best friend is a Navy Nurse and she is currently deployed to the Roll 3 hospital in Kandahar for 8 months, so I don't want to say the AF has it good or anything, because things can change at anytime (nice run on sentence).
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    Wow that's awesome, you must be an excellent nurse - congrats on moving up in the ranks so fast! How is family life with Air Force? Do you live on base or off base, and what would you recommend for someone who is married with 2 children?

    Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback and input. It is very nice and reassuring to receive advice from someone with your experience!
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    It doesn't matter how good of a nurse you are to get promoted (you can't horrible and get promoted), but 01 through 03 are automatic, so it just goes by the date you passed your NCLEX. I'm married and have 2 kids, and the whole on base vs. off base housing is just going to depend on what base you are stationed, although the AF does have the nicest housing (in my opinion). Do you know where you are getting stationed, if you don't what are your preferences?
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    Hello BabyRN05,

    Hope all is well. Thanks for your post . I am a potential and have been an RN for quite some time. I would like to get more info from you and your experience. I was trying to PM you but for some reason It won't let me. Thank you so much. Maybe you can PM me because I am not sure it won't let me do that with you right now.

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