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Army Nurse Corps FY2013 - page 12

Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

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    I think my recruiter has the day off. If anyone hears anything post it.
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    Quote from vtrobinson
    I think my recruiter has the day off. If anyone hears anything post it.
    People might be on leave with the holiday coming up ... I know I am! LOL. Hang in there!!
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    I think they are cutting orders, I think next week will be good for all of us!

    -"optimism is a force multiplier" - Colin Powell
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    You won't get orders quite yet. I didn't get mine until March 2011 (like three weeks before my report date!), and I was selected in December 2010. You also have to be "scrolled" by Congress first. Your seats at BOLC need to get funded (which caused a delay in orders last year due to the government budget issues), and you have to know your first duty station because that will be in your orders as well. Lots of things have to happen before orders! You have to sign your life away and get commissioned first.
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    What does, "cutting orders" mean? I completely blew an appointment this am as I was so focused on perhaps getting news today! I am less optomistic we will hear today though and am starting to think it will be next week! I just hope we hear before the holiday. Anyone out there who is applying for Active duty thinking of going Reserves if not chosen for active duty? My recruiter said there are no incentives right now for reserves. Is this true?
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    My wife is looking at doing that if she is not selected. Although there are no incentives, in the reserves you get the same opportunity to attend schools which make you a stronger candidate in the civilian world. I know it is not the best choice for some but it does definitely have it's benefits. I spoke with my wife's recruiter and he told me his reserve results came in and normally they come back to back so we should here something today.As far as orders go, everything in the military is done based off of orders. These documents are what tell you who, what, when where and what you are authorized to get whatever the order is for, done. EVen when Units deploy they receive orders to do so.
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    Cutting orders means getting placed at a post I.e. 66h at Darnell army medical center, but i guess it take a long time for orders. It's all good, well know soon enough
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    Looks like we will have to wait till next week...Boo
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    Double boo!!
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    VT, have you been on nurse anesthesia .org? great site for USAGPAN and other CRNA stuffs
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    Hi. I'm new to this website, but it seems like this is a place with a wealth of knowledge. I too submitted my packet at the Nov 5th board and am anxiously awaiting to hear back. It seems like a lot of you have prior RN experience. I am still in nursing school and will graduate in May, however, I have 4 years active duty experience in the Army and left with the rank of SGT. Is there anyone here who has prior enlisted service but no RN experience. This is going to be a really tough board. I wish they would just take us all Good luck to everyone.
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    I must say I'm not optimistic about results coming before holiday! Super bummed, In the meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving y'all! I hope you enjoy your holiday!
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    Quote from armysupport
    I must say I'm not optimistic about results coming before holiday! Super bummed, In the meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving y'all! I hope you enjoy your holiday!
    When I was active duty, I am pretty sure the rules were, "you cannot have more than a 4 day period off, including weekends." Basically you could not have more than a 4 day weekend even on holidays, unless you were on leave.

    If that is still true, I cannot imagine them taking off before thursday, that gives them three more days next week, I hope that help bring some opitimism to the scenario.