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Army Branch Transfer to ANC

  1. 0 Does anyone have any information on doing a branch transfer into the ANC from another officer branch?

    Details: I am currently a Transportation 1LT in the Army Reserve, I am also in an accelerated BSN program. Once I finish I would like to switch branches but I have no idea what that would entail. I am also curious if it would be possible to switch to active and what training would be necessary to switch branches? Would I have to go to nurse BOLC?
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    Wow, I am a little surprised no one has any information on this so far. I guess I'll post what I find out, when I find out.
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    Pasted below is from Army Regulation 140-10. From what I read you will need to apply for a new commission so I would contact a Healthcare Recruiter for further directions.
    Section I
    Transfer Between Branches
    3-1. Branch transfer

    Branch transfer of officers is authorized between basic branches only. Officers requesting transfer to any of the special branches shown in
    b , below and the following require a new appointment:
    (1) Between special branches.
    (2) From a basic branch to a special branch.
    (3) From a special branch to a basic branch.
    b.The following are special branches of the Army. (All others are basic branches.)
    (1) Chaplain.
    (2) JAGC.
    (3) The AMEDD branches (Army Medical Specialist Corps (AMSC), Army Nurse Corps (ANC), MSC, Medical Corps (MC), Dental Corps (DC), Veterinary Corps (VC)).
    c.Requests for branch transfer from ROTC officers who have not completed AD or RFD will be processed per
    AR 140-9 .
    d. Constructive credit may be granted per AR 135-100, chapter 3 , for officers requesting appointment to a special branch.
    e. Officers serving on AD in their Reserve commissioned status will be processed under AR 614-100,chapter 4 .
    f. Transfer to an overstrength branch from an understrength branch will not be approved unless there are other overriding considerations.
    g. Headquarters, Department of the Army will be informed of officers transferred to a Military Intelligence branch with AOC 35E or 35F. Send a copy of the orders to HQDA,
    DCS, G-2 (DAMI-ZA), Washington, DC 20310-1000
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    Thanks for the information! I'm not familiar with amedd. Its my understanding that they have a basic BOLC for all amedd branches and then a second one for your specialty, is that correct? If so would I be required to do the both? Would I keep my rank or be a 2lt again? I know PAs, Chaplains, and Jags all keep there rank when they transfer.
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    I am not sure if you would have to go thru BOLC again. As like PA's your rank would be based on constructive credit. Not all PA's get to keep their rank. I know of 1 nurse who is in the PA program right now who went from a CPT to a 1LT. If I remember right you will get credit for half of your time as a commission officer to determine your rank along with time worked as a RN.
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    Based on my graduation date from my absn program it sounds like I would be a CPT for a few months and them bact to 1LT. That's a tough sell. Ill have to think about that.
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    If you do decide to transfer over to the Nurse Corp at least you will not have been a CPT for long. One of the things you need to look at what is the promotion rates to MAJ of both your present corp and the AN along with the requirements. I know that MSC's they need some type of leadership position to get promoted to MAJ but AN's do not have the same issues. Just some food for thought.
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    I'm in the same boat as you - I'm a Military Intel Captain who is about to enroll in nursing school...I'm still trying to rope in my AMEDD recruiter to get more information from them...but they are extremely aloof and really bad at returning phone calls. If I find out anymore information I'll be sure to post it up here.
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    Thanks, I appreciate whatever info you can give.
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    Any more info on this?

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