Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process - page 6

Hello everyone! I am a surgical ICU nurse and I have decided to apply for the Air Force Reserves as a flight nurse. I am currently working on my MSN in management and plan to apply for CRNA school... Read More

  1. by   milos2019
    does the security clearance impact anything( access from home of email , DoD card activation ) , if it takes up to the year ?
    i know its a yes or no, but does it held any other processes back ?

    thank you
  2. by   Vona86
    The only thing it impacts SERE and some other not so important things (airfield access card, etc). You can go to the other schools without a security clearance.
  3. by   softenny
    I have a question, I just found out that my Class III physical is scheduled for July 15th and I am scheduled for a PAP smear and women's exam on the 24th of July, do I start looking for another doctor that will get me in sooner or they can wait for my results,. Better yet, would they do a pap smear during examination?
  4. by   6412nurse
    So how has your package come along? I submitted mine in April and I was just told it has been routed through the NAF. I'm a current TR as well and transferring from a maintenance sq to the AES. Any info would help. Thanks.
  5. by   6412nurse
    mrs27smith, ADN, BSN, MSN, so what came of your journey? I read that your recruiter is in Texas. What base/unit will you be going to? I have recently submitted my package to go to the 433 AES. Hope I will find out more information soon; been going through this process and jumping through hurdles since Dec '14.