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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone... Read More

  1. by   EMT89
    Hello Everyone,

    I am techinically finishing up my sophomore year of nursing this spring, but already have a Bachelors from a state school. I am in the process of looking into Air Force or Navy Nurse Corps. I've been told to not get one through the people at places such as the mall, but to go through an actual nurse corps recruiter. I am interested in the ER. Once I finish my nursing program I will have about 10 years of experience as an EMT in EMS (started in high school). I have looked on the websites and they don't really give much information. At least the Navy doesn't. If anyone could help me on getting in touch with a recruiter I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd like to find out numbers such as GPA etc.
  2. by   JillyRN
    Good luck on Friday Kdazzle!

    Yes, definitely try to speak to a health care recruiter because its a different process in itself. I used the locator on the AF site to connect me to the health care recruiter for my region (Pacific Islands). Unfortunately, the closest Navy healthcare recruiter was in California and never did answer my calls. It can be a very long process as we're all finding out, so it's best to start collecting info about your options now (NTP vs. fully qualified). Good luck with the rest of nursing school!
  3. by   zacheus81
    Hi Kdazzle. I see you live in Cincinnati. Do you mind me asking who your recruiter is?
  4. by   zacheus81
    Hi Kdazzle. I see you live in Cincinnati. Do you mind me asking who your recruiter is?
  5. by   kdazzle
    hey zacheus81,

    Well, my recruiter is out of town doing some training so I have been dealing with a few people in his office. I am not sure if we are aloud to give out actual names on this site. Are you from cincinnati too?
  6. by   zacheus81
    Kdazzle, yes I live in Cincinnati, too. I'm new to this site and was unware u couldn't give out names.
  7. by   kdazzle
    hey zacheus81,

    I am not sure if you are or are not suppose to give out names. my recruiter that I am working with is Ssgt ******. Is that who you have? There were some other that were taking over for him when he was on a 6 week training in florida but he is back now. Who is your recruiter?
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  8. by   JillyRN
    Just an update:

    I signed my application yesterday. Now I've relaxed a little bit and am ready to wait it out

    Good luck everyone in the February/March board!
  9. by   kdazzle
    hey JillyRN,

    I just signed my application too. I had my interview today. It went really well. Time to wait it out again. Good luck to you and everyone else thats waiting too. my recruiter said that the boards meet Feb. 19, and the estimated release date is march 8th. Is that what you were told?
  10. by   kdazzle
    hey zacheus81,

    Ok, I just learned that you cant use names. LOL. they bleeped it out when I put my recruiters name on the last message I sent you. my recruiter has been awesome. He is so nice. I hope you have been having a good experience too. have you signed your application yet for the feb/march boards? talk to you soon.
  11. by   zacheus81
    Kdazzle, I did see your earlier post prior to them bleeping it out. Same recruiter. Different experience.
  12. by   kdazzle
    hey zacheus81,

    as far as your experience, how has it been for you? I know he is new and sometimes he doesnt always know the answer but there has been someone else in there that he can resort too. has your experience been bad?
  13. by   zacheus81
    I'd rather not discuss it on this site. If you would like to hear about my experience... Just send me a private message. And I'll email, Facebook or text ya. Your choice. Just let me know.