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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone... Read More

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    Yeah, I agree with your point about timing. When I first started thinking seriously about it, my husband was active duty Army, and not crazy about the idea. Now that he is out, it is much more feasible not having a dual military status. I'm only 24, so fortunately I don't have the additional pressure of the age cut off. Thanks for sharing the insight about the regional presentation. That isn't something I have heard of. My only thought about it was that it would be more expensive for them to move someone from Hawaii to a duty station/training on the mainland.

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    Jillyrn, you are still pretty young with lots of options, I would say contact another recruiter, it didn't sound like a super positive experence! Hoping that whatever you decide it all works out

    Is anyone else on this board a Crit Care alternate?? Just want to stay connected!! Thanks
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    Hello everyone,
    I'm in the middle of applying for one of the Psych NP slots, my interview is next week. I have a real nice recruiter but she's new to her job & doesn't have alot of info on the nurse corp. If anyone has any info or can give me some direction that would be greatly appreciated!
    How competitive are the Mental Health slots?
    When does the next board meet?
    What is the training like for new Psych NPs in the military?
    Thanks for any feedback & I wish all the RNs best of luck for FY 2014 slots.
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    I believe the next board is in Oct 2013. I was told that my packet would be resubmitted in the Oct board if I don't fill a position as an alternate. I am unfamiliar with the NP part. Other than COT I am not sure what training they do.
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    Thanks ffrent... spoke with my recruiter & there are 5 pscyh NP slots and several womens & peds NP slots left. I guess NP slots go through a different process. Good luck on getting the alternate selection... fingers crossed!
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    Getting my packet started for Oct boards. My goal is to get into a fnp program by Feb or March 2014 and have grad school paid by air force. Is it best to sign up now and get commission then apply for grad school? Or apply while I'm a civilian. I'm in no hurry by any means, just thinking about the future.
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    You should talk to a recruiter about your options & benefits for going in as a commissioned officer vs HPSP. I'm on the tail end of the HPSP application process. For NP applicants they determine the amount of slots for the FY in October, then they fill on a rolling basis. FNP slots (including 4 alternates) filled up in March this year, Psych, Women's Health, and Ped's NP slots are still open. I had my interview this week and my recruiter submitted everything the next day. Once they receive it in Texas, it gets reviewed & you find out yay or nay (so you aren't necessarily waiting for the Boards to meet on a certain date). The process hasn't been too arduous, but it's very difficult to find out info on the NP process & competitiveness. Best of luck.
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    Has anyone heard any updates??? :-)
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    Any idea whether they usually have nurse-midwifery HPSP slots?
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    Hi gabookworm,
    They have MSN level Midwife slots available for the Air Force right now. My recruiter had advised me that they are in great demand. You should contact a healthcare recruiter. Good luck.

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