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Hello, I'm Sergeant Josh Hopper and I work with the Air Force Nursing Corps for Ohio and Indiana. If any of you have ever had any questions feel free to post them. One question I get alot is about... Read More

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    Yeah, so they'll want to meet you or at least talk to you on the phone if they're any good at all. They pour many hours into getting each application ready. They'll want to make sure you're serious before they invest in you. The best thing is to come up with a long list of questions to ask.
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    Hello and good tiding to you sir... I am Ryan Viernes a graduate of BSN from a foriegn country... i know that the military will not accept me... what about if possible if i take my MSN online in the United States.. because i am a Dual Citizenhip or Fil-Am.. will the U.S willing to help me be able to take my MSN and also i want to preform active duty.. i am physically fit... and also i want to be able to join the NP or CRNA.... or Physician... i am willing to sacrifice and take time for the military...i was hoping better that i can ask you sir than anybody else sir
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    Refer to my earlier post on this thread for contacting a recruiter. I think obtaining an MSN from a U.S. school might be enough to make you eligible to do bedside nursing. Know that an MSN is no longer enough to become an NP or CRNA in the military; you need a DNP.
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    1. Will being prior enlisted help with being accepted into the Air Force as an officer?
    2. Also, once you are in, can you move from specialty to specialty, for example, from med-surge to critical care? If you can, how difficult is it?
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    Being prior enlisted may give you a small advantage, but not in a way that makes you more likely to be selected as a nurse. It's more like, you understand the military and system already. They do consider past experience on your CV, so having military experience will look good but at the same time they take a LOT of things into consideration, like GPA, leadership skills, experience, education, drive, etc etc. Once in as a nurse, yes you can change specialties but it's not as easy as asking. New grads with little experience can only be OB or medsurg nurses to start. After a few years, you can request to switch but it depends on what the Air force needs. So if what they need is a medsurg nurse, not an ICU, then that's what you'll be. Also depends where you'd be stationed. Not all hospitals have each specialty unit, so transferring would be more difficult.
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    Yes being prior helps, not only does it mean you are familiar with the military, but it speaks to your character. It is hard to switch specialties, especially if your assigned unit needs you. If you come in as a Med-Surg (new grad) you will most likely be stuck there for 4yrs. However if you are interested in a specialty work in it for a year as a civilian and then apply to the Air Force. You can skip Med-Surg altogether coming in fully qualified in a speciality (critical care, OR, L&D). It all depends on what you are passionate about.