Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2016

  1. Did anyone else apply for the November 2016 USAF Nurse boards? I am applying as a fully qualified ER Nurse (46N3J). Today (Dec 2) was the earliest day the board may have released results, but nothing has been released as of now (5pm PST), so I'm guessing we won't hear anything until next week.

    Just looking to network with other potential USAF RNs!
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  3. by   krr272
    Hi! I applied and found out I was selected on the 2nd. Did you find anything out? I'm anxious as to what happens next! My recruiter didn't have much enough as of Friday.
  4. by   Concomitance
    Congrats! That's awesome! Which RN specialty did you apply for? My recruiter sent a group email telling us around 12pm pacific time Dec 2 that the board hadn't released results yet and that he would let us know as soon as he heard something. What time did you hear on Friday?
  5. by   beaualbanese
    I applied for the HPSP program (PMHNP) and was hoping for the news on Friday the 2nd as well. I last talked with my recruiter at 1400 CST and there were no results as of that time.
  6. by   krr272
    Perhaps it's a little different depending on speciality. I applied for med surg as that's where my experience is. I heard at 1500 MT.
  7. by   Concomitance
    Kr272: Did you get any information other than you were selected? Did they tell you your COT date or your permanent station yet?
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  8. by   krr272
    No, only that I was selected. I still have to go to MEPS too.
  9. by   hiestaec
    Wife heard Friday that she was selected for OR Nursing, any idea if you get to choose your COT dates? If anyone has asked their recruiter about that type of flexibility would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
  10. by   Concomitance
    No you don't get to select COT. They assign you a date.

    Here are the class dates:

    Inbound COT Trainees
  11. by   beaualbanese
    Congrats to all selected! I spoke to my recruiter today and he said there hasn't been any "official release or update in the system." Any idea if the selections posted on this forum are "unofficial" or is my recruiter just uninformed? Concomitance- did you hear anything yet? Anxiously following this post and ....waiting for the call!
  12. by   Concomitance
    Unfortunately, as with most things of this nature, I have to put together an educated based on the varied information I have. As I understand it, there are different boards for each specialty (medsurg/er/ob/surgery/HPSP/critical care) but they meet at the same time. Whether the same people sit on them or not, I have no idea. I think as results come out from each board, they are sent to recruiters that have candidates in them. So if your recruiter only has candidates for boards that haven't been released yet, he won't have information (as there is none). I know my recruiter told me a while ago that boards have been delayed in the past for various reasons, so results came late, which invariably set a lot of COT dates back a couple months. And no, I haven't heard anything yet . . . I will post as soon as I hear!!!
  13. by   mocapoca
    I applied for the HPSP. My recruiter sent me a message on Friday saying that things were delayed and that results would be out today. I've been on edge all day but it's getting later and later and I'm starting to worry! I'll be keeping an eye out on this thread!
  14. by   Concomitance
    Hey everyone! I found an old thread on AllNurses for this same process from last year! Some helpful information is on there, and also it makes me feel better to see other nurses who were anxiously waiting results just like we are now! Also, one of the nurses in the thread is a friend of mine who helped mentor my application!

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