Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2016 - page 12

Did anyone else apply for the November 2016 USAF Nurse boards? I am applying as a fully qualified ER Nurse (46N3J). Today (Dec 2) was the earliest day the board may have released results, but nothing... Read More

  1. by   St.BaptistRN
    Just got commissioned 6/23, going to cot 8/14
  2. by   LovelyElly
    Recruiter just notified me of scroll approval 7/26, just about 2 months since notification of being selected. Will be commissioning this week!
  3. by   hiestaec
    Any other prior service who are not going to COT have their orders and report date yet? Wife was Commissioned end of June after scroll came out but still waiting for orders. I am just guessing that because she is bypassing COT and not typical situation the reason for the delay or maybe just the Military way?
  4. by   St.BaptistRN
    Just got orders for COT and Permanent duty station in Sammc