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Can someone please tell the age limit for nurses in the navy and air force? I turn 41 in a couple of days here. Thanks, Kevin... Read More

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    Wow after reading the posting I started noticing the ages: I am not the oldest poster person...

    No offense intended.... :-)

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    you can join the navy up to 47 as a nurse. get in contact with a navy recruiter.
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    That's not true if you are going in the Navy as a Nurse they can waive your age up to 51 years old.
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    Quote from cakram
    That's not true if you are going in the Navy as a Nurse they can waive your age up to 51 years old.
    Can you please explain your statement? "Confused"... thanks a lot
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    I am a pediatric nurse practitioner. I am curious as to the age requirements to join the military. I am 45 is this possible? Have any others done this? What do you advise?
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    45 is well qualified. The age won't stop you.
    Paperwork takes a long time. Don't waste any. Get a healthcare recruiter in your area and get to work. Good luck.
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    contact navy healthcare recruiter and start pursuing it. your other post you said you'd been wanting to join for a long time... advice is to actively do it and not wait any longer. post your feedback from them and good luck!
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    Thank you for your reply. I am so excited. As for wanting to do it for a long time, life, family and kids consumed my drived to persue the military path. Now they are doing their thing. My daughter who is 21 joined the airforce in Nov 09 and I am so proud of her, she loves it! She is a medic. I just realized seeing her so fullfilled and happy, that I pushed this dream back so that I could be mom, wife, and what ever other role that needed to be filled. Now my husband is very supportive and I am ready. I will post my steps as I move forward with this. Thank you.
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    Just got off the phone with a recruiter. He said the Navy won't offer me a waiver. I will be 42 in a month and can't be commissioned before that. He offered the reserves. He said at this time they are not offering waivers for nursing. How sad is that? I have a great resume and great nursing experience in the OR. He said maybe at a later time they might offer waivers, it all depends on their needs.
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    Did you talk to a nurse healthcare recruiter, not just a regular recruiter? Because recruiter do not know the requirements. Also call the airforce and army. If you have your BSN, you should be able to get a wavier. The age is 47 in the airforce not 42. Do not give up, keep pushing. I know people who went in that was older than 42. I am 47 and they told me that I can come back in before my 48th birthday. Why are they telling me one thing but you another. Make sure you talk to someone that recruit only nurses. If they let you get in the reverse as a nurse take it, and ask to be place on active duty once in.
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