Would you leave current job for a Mon-Fri less stressful opportunity? - page 4

I've been working at an LTC trying to suck it up and get through it, but I can't tell you how miserable I am there. We have four different units at our facility and they just so happened to keep me in the Alz/Dementia unit, since... Read More

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    take it!!! I feel the same way about my current job! i hate coming to work each day. Do what makes you happy
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    I am praying and hoping to be in your position. I dread going in to work at my current job. It pays better than a job I will be interviewing for, I'm sure, but the rest of my life is ruined by stress, exhaustion, and working holidays, nights, weekends, and never seeing my friends or family, let alone the sun or doing anything but housework, sleeping, and working. I would definitely take it!

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