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Tomorrow is my first day at my new job as an LPN and I was wondering what are some of your daily items that you bring to work with you other than a stethoscope, pen, mini note pad, pen light, bandage scissors, first aid kit,... Read More

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    Tommorow is my first day on orientation after Nursing School. Im very nervous. I graduated at the end of April and its Oct 1. Ive been out of clinicals for 5 months!! On Friday I went in to do the necessary paperwork and got the tour of the facility, during our meeting someone asked about bringing a notebook and we were told No, we could not take notes. Does that make sense? We are not just new to the facility but brand new Nurses.

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    I forgot to add, we were also told to leave our cell phones in the car, they are not allowed on us or even in our lockers. Im not attached to my phone by any means, but how common is this because I was surprised.
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    I can understand the rule about no cell phones since somehow they travel from locker to pocket, but I don't understand why you would be forbidden to take notes. If they give you a rationale for this, please share.Best of luck on your first day!
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    Tomorrow (oct 2) is my first day of orientation. I graduated early May of this year and I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm really nervous that I might have forgotten some of the basics, but I'm hoping it will all come back to me once I get on the floor. I thing that sounds unreasonable about not taking any notes. Let me know how things go! Good luck this week!
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    If you're allowed to take your cell phone to the floor, one app I use every day I work is ColorNote for Android. With ColorNote, you can make checklists, which you can save and reuse. I use it to ensure that I complete every task that needs to be done every time I work. You know that moment when you're driving home and you suddenly realize "CRAP! I FORGOT TO X Y Z!" For me, this app keeps those moments to a minimum.
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    Bahahahahaha ain't that the truth!
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    Quote from Forever Sunshine
    An open mind, a boatload of patience and lots of pens. A bottle of water and snacks wouldn't be a bad idea either.
    Also, a maxi pad or a poise pad ... lunch is sometimes "ify" depending on how many orders you have to pull...
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    Lots of pens! As soon as I set on down, it tends to disappear. I also bring a Sharpie marker, a yellow highlighter (for "yellowing out" DC'd orders) and my own bandage scissors since there never seems to be any in the tx cart.

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