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What is the starting salary for nursing home LPN/LVMs? - page 2

Please tell me the starting wage/salary/pay for nursing home LPN/LVNs? Thank you for your help.... Read More

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    I started at $14.25/hr in NW Ohio, prn with no benefits or call-in pay, .50/hr shift differential weekends/noc, $1/hr weekends. I keep a (very) part-time aide position to get call-in pay.
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    Quote from LTCNS
    What does TX pay new grad LPNs?
    I was earning $18.50 hourly as a new grad LVN in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas back in 2006 (Texas refers to basic nurses as LVNs, not LPNs).

    Since Texas is such a huge state, the starting pay rates are highly dependent upon the city and region (for instance, West Texas, Deep East Texas, and so forth).
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    Texas, $17/hr but I know some that got started elsewhere at $20/hr, some as low as $15/hr.
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    I only got to work for 6 days in the LTC facility I was at because they fired me last Thu. when I told them I wasn't ready to come off orientation!! I was making 18hr but $2 more hourly on weekends, double time on Christmas Day they said and time and a half on like 5 other holidays...this is Central Indiana.

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