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I was reading another post about a nurse who made a med error. It got me thinking about my new job as an LPN and how easy it really is to make an error and how easy it would be to not report it. So,... Read More

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    Quote from NurseTricia
    So here is a situation that happend to me and maybe one of you can help me out with this answer.
    First day of Orientation on a LTC facility I was following a LPN around during med pass. The state came in and was monitoring her during a med pass of a patient. A med error occured because someone did not change the MAR and the LPN was sighted for med error. I as a new grad RN. Am I to also be blamed because I am an RN and was there or becuase I was first day orientating not responsable. This happened today so please let me know.

    And if you want to get really technical.. the facility was cited for the med error that was caused by the LPN