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I have generally been a larger nurse through most of my career, though not all of my life. My current motivation for weight loss is not purely aesthetic anymore. I take care of people daily who are suffering the culmination of a... Read More

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    I always brought healthy meals/snacks to work. I would purposely leave my money at home or ion the car so I couldn't hit up the vending machine (my weakness).

    I also try to stand/walk as often as I can! I hate to sit!!
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    love the idea of no money on me, vs. the vending machine ))smiles((
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    When treats are provided for staff, the intention of the donor is almost always benign with no intention to tempt those of us (my self included) who really need to refrain.

    However, when I detect an attempt to sabotage my efforts, I'll still decline. But I have this perverse thought that hopefully wishes the sneaky saboteur to gain all the calories (and weight) that I'm avoiding! And I have a silly smug grin on my face when I think it!

    Makes me feel better!
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    Quote from ajw49886
    After about 9 weeks she put me on phentermine (I know I am going to get flack for that). It's been great. It curbs my appetite...
    No flack from me! I have been prescribed Phentermine too. It works as long as you work your weight loss plan.

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