Want to work in a hospital but no one will give me a chance!

  1. 0 Hello! I started out in SNFs because I graduated from nursing school in 2009. I'd completed a nurse externship program at the VA hospital in Phoenix, but 3 months before graduating school, they started a hiring freeze. The hiring freeze continued at all hospitals in Phoenix for new grads. So I have continued my career in SNFs for four years. The pay is good & good experience. Now I've recently moved to California(west LA) and want to branch back into the hospitals.But I'm becoming frustrated, because the nurse recruiters keep rejecting me saying I have no "acute care" experience! How do I get my foot in the door? I keep applying for medsurg positions, but no calls.
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    Maybe your resume needs some tweaking? Does it reflect the level of acuity of the patients you cared for? Maybe you need to specifically say if there was higher level equipment you used at your facility (maybe they are assuming you are not familiar with IV med administration, etc.). What is it they think you lack, I wonder?

    Best wishes. If hospital work is what you dream of, keep trying!
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    What about long term acute care? That is where I got hired after 6 years of LTC, they were the only ones to call me back! I learned a ton there.
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    Become friendly with some of the doctors you work with. I know quite a few RNs (including me!) who got hired at the hospital I work at because a doctor recommended them.

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